Baby Bath Time!

William in his baby bath with purple octopus toy.


We live in a small apartment that only has a shower room – so no bath for baby William. Instead we bought a baby bath called the Shnuggle Cosy Bath Tub that has a molded seat and back so he can sit up and be supported. It’s easy to fill and we bath him on the kitchen table where there’s place for both mummy and daddy to play with him – the only downside is it’s not that big. William on the other hand IS big. He’s 5 months old in the pictures on this post and already 21lbs in weight, at 95 percentile for both height and length. For most babies this bath would last a year or longer – but William is already filling it rather snugly. One of the many problems with having a large baby!

We bought this bright and attractive giraffe thermometer to make sure the water isn’t too hot. I’m not 100% sure on why a water item is a giraffe, but we don’t question it. My mum is a bit more sensible and bought a fancier thermometer, hers is a yellow duckie that floats in the water and gives a digital read out.

He absolutely adores his bath time and his favourite toy is the one pictured above by Nuby – it’s a purple octopus with 6 legs (hello? science calling?) and three different items that can be hooked over the legs. At this age William is mostly interested in putting things in his mouth, but I’m sure he’ll enjoy the rings later. He loves the bright colours and the big happy smiley face.

William had cradle cap when he was younger and we started using Oilatum junior wash in the bath as recommended by our health visitor. We’ve kept up with this as his skin is quite sensitive and prone to dry patches and this seems to help with that.

Okay enough waffle, you want the baby pics right?


  • Make sure the water is the correct temperature before stripping baby down to avoid him getting cold whilst waiting.
  • Take his/her nappy off close to the bath tub to avoid getting peed on en route! We learned this one the hard way.
  • Use a mild/sensitive body lotion / shampoo if needed – but water is often plenty.
  • You can wipe down with a wash cloth, but for sensitive skin we use cotton wool.
  • Have a big fluffy towel ready to go into immediately. The harsh change between hot water and cool air temperature can induce a meltdown.
  • Have lots and lots of cuddles after!

We all love bath time in this house!

If your baby loves the water, have you considered taking them swimming too? William has been going to the swimming pool since he was 6 weeks old – my advice about that can be found here.



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14 thoughts on “Baby Bath Time!

  1. zoe says:

    Oh wow! I have never even heard or seen anything like this before. My sister has to get a bath fitted because she only had a shower, This would of been great! Thank you for sharing.

    • WelshMum says:

      Thanks Zoe. It’s a good temporary solution but I am really looking forward to moving into a larger place and having a proper bath for him to splash around him. Especially as he’s almost too big for this one!

  2. Rhi says:

    That looks a great bath. Our baby bath is the old fashioned type and it’s quite awkward to use now he’s wriggly but not sitting up. Fancy Nuby making an octopus’s with six legs lol.

  3. Becki - The Mum From Brum says:

    That bath looks fab! My son HATED the bath with a passion until we eventually started laying him down on a towel in our big bath – then he LOVED it! Now he’s 3 and it’s a battle to get him out as he loves to “swim” in it 😀

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