Are You Sure You’re Fully Packed For Your Road Trip?

Planning on setting out on the open road with your family? There are plenty of tips for a road trip that you might want to keep in mind, but making sure that you’re bringing everything that you need should be chief among them. Here, we’re going to look at some of the essentials that you need to pack and why they’re so crucial.

You don’t want the mood in the car to start sinking right down because you’ve realised that you don’t have something that might be crucial for someone’s comfort during the trip. Following the points below, make a list and ensure you check that everything is packed before you set off on your road trip.

Keeping everyone safe

You don’t want to start with the assumption that things might somehow go wrong on your trip, but it can happen. There can be an injury, accident, or breakdown, and you want to make sure that everyone is taken care of. The most important thing here is having a first-aid kit in your car, but you should also make sure that you have things like hand sanitiser, extra blankets to keep people cosy if you’re out in a broken-down car, and the like. Safety should always be a number one concern.

Be ready for a breakdown

Another unfortunate possibility that’s worth preparing for is the potential for something to go wrong with the car. It can happen very easily, after all. Try to ensure that you have space for a car breakdown kit, which can include things like a jumper cable and a small toolbox. Keeping a spare tire in the boot is always a good idea, as well. If you can fit them, keep some high-visibility gear in the car as well, such as a high-vis jacket or reflective cones. This means that if you do break down, you can get out of the car and make sure that it’s easier for others to see as they drive past. Try not to be outside the car any longer than necessary, however.

Keeping fueled for the trip

It’s important to make sure that you and anyone else in the car, especially the kids, aren’t left starving while you’re waiting for a gas station or eatery to appear on the roadside. Bring plenty of water for the trip, as well as foods that are easily eaten and can replace a meal, such as high protein snacks. If you’re bringing any canned goods with you or anything tubbed, make sure to bring some plastic cutlery and a can opener, as well.

Clothes for all weather

You might be ready for the sunshine where you’re going, but you should make sure that getting caught out by the rain isn’t going to ruin your day, as well. Make sure that you bring at least one waterproof article for each person in the car, and make sure that you have enough layers to wrap up in case things start getting colder. Be ready to protect against the sun, choose the right sunscreen for the kids, and pick up hats or sunglasses when necessary.

Stay connected

You might want to get away from it all, which might mean taking a step away from digital technology and the internet, as well. However, there’s no denying that the actual trip itself can get pretty boring, even if the destinations you hit up along the way are worth it. Make sure you have your tech set-up taken care of, including a hands-free kit for any phone you’re using, chargers for your devices, as well as a portable wifi router that you can use to connect to the net while driving. It can at the very least help you ensure the kids stay entertained and don’t get on your nerves while you’re driving.

Taking care of your needs

Don’t forget to bring plenty of toiletries with you. You can keep things stocked in a toiletry bag that can be kept somewhere near the front of the car. This can include your toothbrush, toothpaste, body wipes, lip balm, tissues, and anything else you might need to take care of your bodily needs while you’re out there. Ensure that everyone has all of their toiletries. You don’t need to bring different body wipes or hairbrushes or the like, but everyone should make sure to bring their toothbrush.

A road trip can be one of the most invigorating and inspirational kinds of family trips that you can take. The chance to explore freely and to go where you want is well worth the prep work. Just don’t forget the things mentioned above.

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