April’s £150 Beauty Giveaway

I think everyone deserves a bit of a treat and a pamper now and again. So I’ve decided to have a little pamper party and give away over £150 worth of wonderful things, including mini treats from Ted Baker, wonderful perfumes and luxurious Sanctuary Spa Gifts. One winner will get everything below delivered to their door.beaut

Note: This prize is only valid for delivery within the UK.

Enter below and leave a comment telling me your current favourite bath or beauty treat and you stand a chance of winning:

  • Ted Baker London’s “Pretty Little Things” Giftset (RRP £13)
  • Yves Saint Laurent “Black Opium” 50ml (£RRP £72.00)
  • ARI by Ariana Grande Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml (RRP £41.00)
  • Sanctuary Spa Mini Gift Set (RRP £15.00)
  • Sanctuary Spa Handwash and Lotion Gift Set (RRP £12.00)

That’s £153 worth of delightful treats for you to win! Talk about exciting.


April Beauty Giveaway

Competition closes April 29th at 11:59pm.

Good luck readers!

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253 thoughts on “April’s £150 Beauty Giveaway

  1. Jamie Edwrds says:

    My favorite pamper treat is getting my nails done, nothing fancy just a nice colour every few weeks 🙂

  2. lesley renshaw says:

    A long soak in the bath (no children!) with lovely smelling products (like LUSH, Champneys, etc.), glass of wine in one hand, book in the other and candles burning. Bliss x

  3. Laura Lee says:

    Stunning giveaway. My treat is having a bath by myself with no little ones in the room or banging on the door trying to get in lol.

  4. Ren Taylor says:

    I love Ted Baker products they are always so pretty. A nice bath, face mask and then gorgeous smelling body lotion #perfect

  5. Chrissy Harris says:

    I love having a bath with a lush bath melt, they smell amazing and leave your skin super soft when you get out

  6. Hannah says:

    My favourite relaxing treat, is a luxurious bath at home. That said, I’ve recently discovered salt therapy and really enjoy that.

  7. Linda Johnson says:

    A nice long hot bath followed by curling up in front of my log burner, don’t get the chance to do this often enough!

  8. Tina Hewitt says:

    My idea of being pampered is …… A lovely long soak without interruption, a glass of wine and a good book. Followed by lashings of body lotion, a manicure and pedicure and a early night. It’s at this point I usually wake up, however I continue to dream

  9. sharon catterall says:

    I really love those bubble face masks,i tried one from rodial the other week and my face felt amazing after,i also love clay masks as well

  10. Doreen Brady says:

    Anything that get’s me out of the house and gives me a bit of peace and quiet. I love getting a facial and I always go and get my nails done when I feel like giving myself a pampering treat.

  11. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    A hot stone massage – I will never revert to normal massage again, the stones literally lift tension and soothe deeply

  12. Lorna Ledger says:

    It goes a little something like this, the evening to myself, the house is fairly clean, clean bedding, a pamper shower (a shower where I shave myself and exfoliate!), moisturize, clean PJ’s, a takeaway, diet cola, movie of my choice! WOW !

  13. Emma Walton says:

    My favourite pamper treat is to soak my feet in my foot spa with some bath salts for 20 minutes. Then I rub in some hemp cream from the Body Shop and pop on some bed socks to make them lovely and soft.

  14. Gillian McClelland says:

    My favourite thing to pamper myself is a hot stone massage. At home I love pampering myself with sanctuary products as they ar3 great quality and smell amazing

  15. Carol Thomas says:

    Face peel, long shower, treatment on hair and just a few pampering myself which i tend to do once a week

  16. katrina walsh says:

    I like a nice back massage if I’m lucky enough to be at a Spa. At home I makes do with a back tickle from the fella

  17. Hayley Colburn says:

    I love scented candles and bath bombs, especially the one’s from lush, the watermelon bath bomb is lovely

  18. Laura Atkin says:

    My favourite pamper treat is a nice hot bubble bath, complete with Lush bath bomb, of course! And, a luxury, fresh/fruity smelling face mask (even better if it tastes good too!) a good crime/thriller book and a very large glass of wine 🙂

  19. Niki Marie Wardle says:

    I love nice products in the bath, one of my favourites is the Sanctuary body scrub, a customer bought me some years ago in a set and I fell in love with it!

  20. sammysjb2 says:

    has to be a foot mask and its from the pound shop but works wonders now its back to sandal season again luxuries on a budget

  21. debbie jayne davies says:

    My fave pamper treat is having my hair done. theres nothing nicer than walking out of the salon feeling good

  22. Libby Alexander says:

    I love having a face mask on, as I relax in the bath. I usually take that time to do a deep conditioning treatment too. I really need to make some more “me time”, so I can do this more often.
    Thank you for the gorgeous giveaway.

  23. Nikki Hayes says:

    I love my Sanctuary Spa products – especially the foaming bath soak, heel balm and body butter. I’m also partial to a bit of Molton Brown if can afford it :o)

  24. Jodi hill says:

    My favourite beauty product is my Yves Saint Laurent – ‘Touche Éclat’ concealer and highlighter! It literally is a godsend especially with a teething toddler where I’m just about getting 3 hours a night…. my favourite pamper treat is a hot bubble bath with a large glass of red!

  25. Kirsty Caffrey says:

    A long hot bubble bath with the door locked to keep out the boys, some candles, my kindle and a glass of wine 🙂

  26. Rai says:

    A long soak in a hot, bubble bath with essential oil, and then if I’m really treating myself (as it’s got so pricey) bodyshop body butter – still the best one.

  27. Helen S says:

    I love to have a pedicure; usually I go for a french polish so you don’t see the re-growth so it lasts longer. It feels like i’m walking on air when I leave the salon and that makes it my favourite.

  28. Samantha Atherton says:

    I love a nice face mask, I’ve even started making my own lately with turmeric & honey but my favorite is Glamglow supermud it really clears your pores.

  29. Charlie Brunton says:

    I love relaxing in a big bubbly bath with a face mask on! Such a lovely treat, I always feel better after that!

  30. Elaine Skye Clark says:

    A morning at the gym, followed by jacuzzi and then sauna. It’s “my time” and very important to me.?

  31. Jo Hutchings says:

    My favourite beauty treat is always a nice perfume. At the moment I’m enjoying the summer Davidoff fragrance.

  32. Danielle Graves says:

    I love face masks theres something rather lovely about putting one on and laying back to relax, i like the peel off ones too, find them very satisfying

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