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I’m Christy and I’m a Welsh Mum of One from South Wales. I’m married to an American (it’s not as horrifying as it sounds, I promise!) and we have a son together who was born in April 2017. We married in 2008 and have been trying for kids ever since. After battling poor health and infertility, our son is our miracle baby and we are so lucky to have him. But after he was born I was hit with postnatal depression and anxiety and was feeling completely overwhelmed and confused about how to navigate motherhood and process the information being given to me. I started this blog to share my experience and help other mums and dads who want practical life hacks, important information in bitesize chunks and discussion about important issues, one parent to another.

I’ve been self employed for 10 years and I’m trying to juggle running a business, a busy life with pets and a new family. I’m obsessed with tea, chocolate and my menagerie of animal companions, which includes a dog, two cats and quite a few snakes and lizards!

Yup, that’s me back in 2007! Over a decade later, I’ve had to figure out how to fit this whole motherhood thing into an already busy life and how to be flexible and change my life without feeling a loss of identity or overwhelmed.

I want to help you make small changes that yield big positive differences, whether that’s saving you time and money, helping the environment, or figuring out how to travel with a family (and where to go). Starting a family means big changes and it’s really scary, but if we support each other as parents then we can find ways to cut back on the overwhelm and embrace our new families together, whatever size and shape they may be.

Thanks for reading about me and checking out my blog. I’d really appreciate a follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too. Just a quick like on a picture or a share of one of my posts can really bring a smile to my day. I read and respond to all comments, so don’t be shy!

If you’d like to work with me, I welcome collaborations with companies who are relevant to my readers.

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