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A Traveller’s Guide to Online Gambling

Traveling the world is a passion that many people share. A lot of us are perfectly content with spending our lives in one place. However, for others, that is a boring existence. Seeing new places, exploring different cultures, and experiencing everything the world has to offer is what it is all about.

However, what happens when travel-enthusiasts also have a passion for gambling? Certainly, land-based casinos are an option. But, for many travelers, online gambling websites are a lot more convenient. In this article, we would like to offer a helping hand for people who love to roll the dice, and hit the road at the same time.

Research the Laws

One of the biggest problems that travelling gamblers may come across are legal differences regarding gambling. Whereas some countries have fully legalized online gambling, others have banned it outright. So, if you want to access legit online casinos, you will need to do research regarding the laws of the country you are visiting. 

Largely, you will find that online gambling legality is separated into three sections: legal, illegal, dubious. In the following few sections, we will explore these three different categories, and perhaps list off some countries that fit the example. 


Starting off with the easiest to discuss, countries where online gambling is legal are those where you can own and operate a gambling business, as well as freely play at online casinos without fear of repercussion. Often, countries that have legalized online gambling have the strictest laws regarding regulating the industry. In other words, they have safe and reliable online casinos, that you can trust.

For the most part, a lot of European countries have legalized online casinos. The most notable ones to discuss are the United Kingdom and Finland, where online gambling is at an all-time high. However, the practice is also legal in a variety of other EU-affiliated countries, including Germany, Austria, Denmark, etc.

As Wales is a part of the United Kingdom, that means that online casinos are legal. However, they must be recognized by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. So, if you were thinking of planning a family trip to Wales, now you have yet another reason to do so.


Some countries are not quite as keen on online gambling. Indeed, plenty have outright banned the practice. When we are talking about countries where online casinos are illegal, we mean places where you can’t even play online, let alone own and operate a gambling business.

There are plenty of reasons why some countries might choose to ban online casinos, ranging from cultural to religious to political. For example, a lot of Islamic countries have outright illegalized the practice, specifically because of cultural and religious reasons. 

Legal Grey Area

Finally, we reach the most complicated category. In many countries, online casinos exist in a legal grey area. This could mean many things, but most often, we are referring to places where you aren’t allowed to operate an online gambling business, but you are free to play at offshore casinos.

Offshore casinos are, as you might have guessed, gambling sites whose headquarters lie outside the country you are playing from. Most of them are licensed by internationally-acclaimed authorities, like the Malta Gaming Association or the Curacao Gambling License. 

If you are going to be hitching your anchor to one of these platforms, you need to take a few steps in order to ensure your safety. For example, always check for a license and read the website’s terms and conditions. Doing so will ensure you have fun and remain safe. 

Dealing with Offshore Casinos

Offshore casinos are tricky, as they might be region-locked. Meaning that, if you are taking a trip across Europe you might go from a country where the site is available to one where it isn’t. That leaves you with two options: give up on the site, until you reach a country where it is available, or take advantage of a virtual private network.

VPNs are a very useful tool for online gamblers. In fact, many use them to access certain region-locked sites, even if they are in a country where online gambling is legal. Most of the popular and respectable sites are offshore, so it is no surprise that the VPN has become a notable tool when it comes to online gambling. 

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