A Personalised Cake for Any Occasion

It can be tough to know what to buy for people as gifts – especially when you have a mother like mine who really isn’t interested in material things. She doesn’t collect anything, she doesn’t wear jewelry, she uses one bottle of perfume a year and doesn’t like other people to buy her clothes or accessories. She lives a very minimalist lifestyle and if asked, will say “Don’t waste your money on me!” So what am I left with? Flowers and food!

Luckily, I think I’ve found the perfect gift for mums (or just about anyone) who don’t need anything!

Bakerdays Personalised Cake Gifts

This year for Mother’s Day I was offered an opportunity to sample a cake from Bakerdays and I seized it because how unique is that? A personalised photo or text cake! Starting from just £14.99 Bakerdays offers Letterbox cakes which come well packaged in a box that fits through a standard letterbox, meaning you don’t need to faff around with any special delivery conditions. They also sell larger cakes, cupcakes and balloons too, but the letterbox cake – which I’d say serves two but can be stretched to three – is perfect for a shared dessert or a treat but also just the right size for mum to eat herself and not go crazy on the calories too.

I was pretty impressed with the wide range of options available for Mother’s Day – but it doesn’t stop there. You can have literally anything printed on the cake really and they have a massive selection of designs for any occasion.

Even though it wasn’t quite Mother’s Day yet, my mother quite happily tucked into her cake so that we could have a taste and review so that you’d still have time to buy one for your mum.

Check out Bakerdays Mother’s Day Personalised Cake selection!

We went for chocolate filling but there are plenty of options, including traditional sponge, red velvet, lemon drizzle and fruit as well as a dairy free and gluten free option. The chocolate was very tasty and moist, the icing perfect and not too thick and it was polished off quickly with a verdict of ten out of ten! It was lovely to share our personalised cake with some strawberries and a cup of tea whilst we had a chat.

I think this is a really special alternative to a box of chocolates and the personal touch shows that you put some thought into the gift. With so many options for designs, sizes and fillings, this is a gift that could come in handy for any occasion.

I’m very happy to be able to offer you the chance to win a personalised Letterbox cake for yourself.

If you’d like to win a Letterbox Cake from Bakerdays (customized for any occasion from their website) then click on the widget below! Bonus entries for commenting, following me on Twitter, visiting me on Instagram and Facebook and for checking out the sponsor of this competition, Bakerdays.

Win a Letterbox Cake with Bakerdays!

Good luck. What’s your favourite type of cake? Mine’s either chocolate or carrot cake!

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128 thoughts on “A Personalised Cake for Any Occasion

  1. Hayley Colburn says:

    now you’re asking as I’m cake mad, I like vanilla sponge more than chocolate but I could kill for pretty much any type of cake if i’m in the mood, as long as its not too plain (ie no jam, cream or icing etc) I’m mad for it

  2. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    It’s either Red Velvet or Carrot Cake. Yum, was a hard decision though as cake is cake – no need to ask if I’d like a piece. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Ian Holt says:

    Favourite Cake? How could I choose?? They’re all so delicious (except carrot cake- vegetables should be excluded from the cake industry).
    If I had to choose… Battenberg Cake, or Chocolate Fudge Cake. You can never go wrong with chocolate.

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