A Home Spruce On A Modest Budget, Can It Be Done?

There is no doubt that the process of designing a home is a complex process, often always because of the financial investment required to design spaces. Often this process can reach tens of thousands, but it is important to remember that even with a low budget, it is possible to design the house in your chosen style. Before you rush to make a purchase, think carefully about your budget and allocate it according to the level of urgency. Do not rush to furnish the whole house but focus on specific rooms and accordingly you can keep the budget wisely. You can do so without reducing the level of quality and finish of the furniture. You could even reupholster your furniture to make life easier (e.g. Reupholster IKEA Poang Chair).

Re-upholstering is an excellent way to makeover your old furniture and make them great home decorating features. For instance, if your sofa is already damaged, try adding new cushion material to make it fresh again. In that case, you can consider polyurethane foam as an excellent cushion material. It’s versatile and has good insulation properties, which is perfect for furniture.  

You can also use expanding foams to make foam sheets or buy a ready-made one from the stores. You could check some reliable product websites online, or you could look at Upholstery Foam. This way you can do a little DIY which can be fun and rewarding. You can also look at second hand shops and vintage stores

Home decorating tips

Another tip for home design is to choose functional furniture rather than “atmospheric furniture”. This is a way that also allows you to store your belongings whilst simultaneously  offering a point of view and great aesthetic value. In the category of functional furniture, you can also consider modular items that can be precisely adapted to your needs, such as a bed with built-in bedding. You can look at ottomans that can double as a storage space and a bench. Smart purchase of functional furniture is a great way to create an accurate design mix but also has a statement in terms of practicality.  

But aside from choosing functional furniture, there are other ways to give your home a makeover, even on a tight budget. For instance, you can add a fresh coat of paint to your walls to make the space look brighter and cozier. It can be a simple way of transforming your home without spending much money.  

Another way is to declutter your home to make a huge difference in your spaces. No matter how elegant your home is, it can become a complete eyesore once the clutter starts. So, if you want to decorate your home on a budget, begin by removing all the unnecessary items. For example, if you have cabinets, drawers, and tables full of stuff, get rid of what you no longer need and arrange the rest properly. By decluttering your home, you allow other design elements and features to shine and make your spaces feel and look more welcoming.

Use of existing furniture and renovation

A great way to re-furnish your home can be done more easily than you thought: paint or upholstery that can work wonders. On YouTube as well as in DIY groups you can learn for yourself how to change the purpose of furniture, thus reducing the budget even further. You may also consider upcycling your old pieces of furniture. For example, you can reuse your wooden furniture by sanding it down, staining, and painting it with a new color.  

On the other hand, you may also want to repaint some of your old cupboards black or gold. If you have a fireplace that looks worn, adding a lick of paint can spruce it up. A few chosen plants can add extra charm. If you have old cushions that seem outdated, you can buy new cushion covers that will immediately lift the style. If your bathroom looks old, buy some stick on tiles that are cheap and still look great. Fake marble effect looks modern and chic. Add some new door knobs to add sophistication. The changes can be incredibly minor but make the most impactful changes. Even something as simple as a new rug can open the space. A full length mirror can add light and space. Play around with designs and look on Pinterest for inspiration. 

In conclusion, by thinking of smart ways to improve your home without having to buy new, you can redesign your home in a way that ideally matches your personal taste. Take time to measure the rooms as well as sort and order, so you can create a carefully designed dream home. The opportunity is yours for the taking! 

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