A Good Night’s Sleep with Simba

If you’ve been looking for a new mattress then you might have heard of Simba. Starting out as a company that made thread, they started making their own mattresses in 2002 and have sold over 1 million mattresses. Using leading experts they’ve pioneered a hybrid design that combines foam and springs to create a new take on a cool foam mattress. Simba kindly sent us a Simba Hybrid Mattress to sleep on ourselves so we could tell you about it first hand.

The Simba Hybrid Mattress Original combines 3000 innovative micro springs with 25cm open-cell Simbatex foam, which provides cooling airflow. Memory foam has a bit of a reputation for being hot, and whilst the joke is the UK only has two weeks of summer a year, the last thing you want in the warmer months is to be sweating because of your mattress. Simbatex has thirty times the airflow of memory foam and is infused with graphite which draws heat away from your body. Families may be particularly happy to hear that the breathable mattress cover has a zip-off top for washing or replacing.

The Simba Hybrid Mattress Original is made in the UK with UK sourced materials, in zero waste factories, and is also 100% recyclable at the end of it’s life (which won’t be for a while, because it comes with a 10 year guarantee). I really love the commitment to the UK economy and the environment that Simba are showing.

Sounds good right? We’ve been putting it to the test. It’s easy to purchase a Hybrid Original Mattress anywhere in the UK. You can simply head over to Simba and then choose your size. The mattress comes in an impressive range of sizes, with it available in the UK sizes single, small double, king and super king, but also the EU sizes EU Single, EU Double and EU Queen. Make sure you double check your bed frame size just in case! We’re testing out the Double. When your mattress arrives (with free UK wide delivery!) it will be rolled up in a box. You’ll be amazed that such a large mattress fits in a box as it’s heavily compressed to allow for easy delivery. This means you should be able to get it into any room of the house without a struggle, including around tight corners or into loft conversions. Whilst it’s heavy, it can be handled by one person. Get the box into the room you want it in before releasing it!

When you first roll the mattress out it will still be compressed. The mattress will be safe to use in three to six hours, but it can take up to 72 hours for it to expand completely. I’d recommend unrolling it in the morning, and then you hopefully have at least twelve hours before you use it. We’d say that it expanded almost immediately upon being released from the packaging, but it did continue to increase slightly for a few days after.

When first unrolled:

After puffing up for 12 hours:

We’ve personally found the Simba Hybrid Mattress very comfortable, offering a full night’s sleep on a medium firm support and would happily recommend it to anyone else.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll find this style of mattress comfortable, the Simba Hybrid Original Mattress comes with a 200-night trial. If you’re not happy with it, it will be collected for free with a full refund and don’t worry, you don’t have to try and get it back in the box or keep any of the original packaging! I’m very impressed with the peace of mind that this offers. In the past it’s been very hard to shop online for a mattress, with lots of anxiety involved over whether it’s the right decision, but with a 200 night trial like this you can feel really confident about making a purchase from Simba. We will definitely be back when we need another mattress.

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