A Garden Renovation For The Warmer Months!

Our gardens often become a place where we entertain or use to store the things we can’t keep in our house. We have sheds, garages and sometimes greenhouses, so that we can keep things orderly and be self-sufficient. However, when the garden becomes too unorderly, it can feel claustrophobic, and feel as if it needs a refresh for those warmer summer months. 

Seasonal plants, start the journey! 

You can set aside part of the garden for seasonal plants, and plant them in flower beds, planters, pots or pots. In the different nurseries, they explain the varieties that are suitable for each season, depending on the geographical environment. Flowers that have been suitable for the winter season such as tilapia and dandelions, petunia, fiery pine, marigold and dahlia, can be planted until February-March, depending on the weather, and you should arrange for regular and controlled watering. You can also combine more spectacular flowers that add impressive colour – such as poppy, chrysanthemum, iris and tubers of daffodil, bulb and tulip.  The plants in which we use will bring our gardens to fruition. They offer a multitude of benefits also, including encouraging more wildlife to the area. 

Pick the right shades

You should consider the different shades of each flower variety, in order to design your garden in an aesthetic and less eclectic way. Try to target shades that blend well together and not mix shades randomly. Adjust the garden to the level of maintenance you would like to invest in it. If you want lawns, just note that they will take a lot of upkeep, including de-weeding and frequent mowing. 

Also, you should find out if the plants you are buying are deciduous or not, and place them accordingly. For example, a non-deciduous plant is recommended to be placed near ground cover (on gravel, pebbles) as it will be a nightmare to maintain the garden in this way. Also work out what the maximum size will be of the plants – are they likely to be widespread or will they be more maintained and localised. Either way, it’s important to ensure that you place them in the right spot. 

Store the items that you need the most

If you have a working garden, with herb gardens, greenhouse and places to keep your items, then you may need to consider looking at ways in which you can keep it organised. For example, do you store gas in your garage, water or any other type of liquid – if so you may want to consider looking at https://www.tanksforeverything.co.uk/.  Once you have reached a level of impeccable organisation, you will find that the garden becomes easy to navigate and you can enjoy it more. 

Make it a home… If you wait until early spring to equip your garden with garden furniture, you will probably pay more money which is why you should buy it in early winter. The furniture, of course, should not be left exposed and it is better to cover it with dedicated and rain-resistant protective covers so it is ready for the springtime! 

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