A Family Focussed Guide for Travellers to the UK

Visiting the UK as a family will create a lot of long-lasting memories for everyone. It is a great place to travel with children because there are so many magical locations that fill the days and comfortable, family-friendly accommodation options for the nights. This guide focuses on the attractions and sights that suit parents and kids looking for a fun adventure. 

Exploring Castles

With over 4,000 castles, plenty of which are still standing strong, you could easily centre a whole trip around just this. So many are now heritage sites with activities throughout the year that engage children and parents alike, and it is fun to plot a route up and down the countries to tick off the best ones. Why not visit the always popular ‘Hogwarts’ castle, followed by something more historical where many Kings and Queens once lived? 

Enjoying Theme Parks

If you have some thrill seekers in the family, there are loads of theme parks to try out too. Brave the infamous steep rollercoasters of Alton Towers or let your inner child run loose in Legoland, and even see a range of zoo animals at some sites too. Some of these parks have accommodation on site or close by and shuttle arrangements so you can plan your experience more conveniently. 

Seeing Nature Beauty Spots

No trip to the UK would be complete without seeing some of the nature spots. From waterfalls to caves and beautiful beaches, there are so many to pick from. Opt for a glamping experience or be brave and set up a tent for the night at a registered facility, and see some breath-taking scenery that will stick with you forever. If you plan on spending your time travelling between the beauty spots, it is recommended that you hire a car as rural transport links are not always available. 

Top Tips for a Smooth Adventure

Yet, there would be no point at all planning all these epic adventures, if you are not properly prepared. Here are some top tips to ensure everything will be smooth sailing. 

  • Don’t forget to arrange a visa. It is easy enough to apply today, so tick this job off the list and then there will be no administration hold ups. 
  • The UK has very few harmful natural predators, if any, that you’d need to worry about. So, a nice camping adventure outdoors shouldn’t require any major self-defence planning. 
  • People drive on the left, so don’t get caught out!
  • If you do need emergency assistance, just call 999. 
  • Sort out your roaming charges before you come too. While there are plenty of free Wi-Fi points in all major cities, you will still face extra costs if you fail to arrange the specifics with your provider. 
  • If you plan on hiring a car for your trip, the majority of airports have this service ready and waiting if you book in advance. 

The UK is a great place to visit as a family, and you can spend a long time here without running out of things to do. From enchanting nature to thrill-seeking adventure parks and a number of beautiful seaside towns, the full experience is worth the wait. 

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