A Basic Guide For Sending Flowers Abroad

Ever thought of sending flowers to someone you despise to spite them or to someone you love to show them you think of them, but you have no idea how to since they live abroad? This article will provide insight on how to make this happen as well as some tips to help you streamline the process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on sending flowers abroad:

  1. Identify the Country Of Your Recipient

This is the first step you have to take. Doing this will enable you find delivery systems that operate in the country where the recipient is located. Learn about the requirements regarding importation to ensure that no mistakes will be made and no issues will arise with the relevant authority. 

  1. Check The Recipient’s Country Regulations On Flower Importations

You need to check the restrictions on importations in general as well as on flower importations in the country you want to send flowers to. Some countries ban the importation of certain flower species into their country. 

Identify the type of flowers that survive and thrive in the climatic conditions of the recipient’s country. This will help you choose flowers that will still be fresh after they’re shipped. They should survive the period of time from when they reach the recipient’s country and until they reach the doorstep of the recipient.

  1. Identify A Delivery System And Provider

Identifying the right delivery option to use takes time. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Identify The Delivery Options Available

Different countries have different delivery systems. Some flower shops offer shiping services, while others don’t. You need to do your research and find all available options in both your countries. When shipping options aren’t available, you can call a florist in the recipient’s country for the delivery. For instance, if you’re sending flowers in LA, you can get in touch with local florists and arrange alternative delivery options.

  • Understanding The Shipping Systems And Services

You should find out the services each shipping provider offers and decide which services you want for your flower delivery. You also need to understand what each system and shipping provider requires from you as the sender.

Identify how each of them operates. Focus on the process from when you give them the flowers (or buy from them) up to when they’re shipped. It shouldn’t end there, find out what happens next after the arrival in the country until it reaches your recipient’s home or workplace. This gives you leverage in determining how your flowers will be handled in case any issues arise.

  • Costs 

You need to check the costs and try to understand what each line item in their schedule of fees means. Delicate items like flowers require specialized handling which is why extra costs may arise. Inquire if they offer discounts or vouchers. Choose a system and a shipping provider that’s affordable but doesn’t compromise on the quality of their products and services.

  • Reputation

Look at the feedback from previous customers. Other people’s perspective and experience will help you gauge the quality of their services. 

  1. Choose A Bouquet Or Flower Arrangement

Go ahead and visit your favourite florist and pick the flowers of your choice (if the shipping provider doesn’t sell flowers.)

  1. Check The Details Of The Recipient

Make sure to correctly write the full name of the recipient, their home and work address, and a contact person. An alternative contact person will be useful if the recipient isn’t around. Share the details with your shipping provider to make it easier for them to deliver to the correct person.

  1. Include A Card And Extras

A card ensures that the recipient knows who the sender is. Some shipping providers allow you to put in extra cards or special messages for your recipient. You can also include a teddy bear, chocolate, or any other gift. However, you must check with your shipping provider because some countries prohibit the importation of products such as dairy and other types of food into their countries.

  1. Send Your Flowers

With all that done, you can now give your flowers to the shipping provider to send them. You can decide to make your own flower arrangements or ask your chosen shipping provider to do it for you. Choose a shipping provider that allows you track your order until it reaches the recipient. Keep in mind that you may be required to pay extra money for this.


This article gives you a step-by-step guide on sending flowers abroad. If you follow each of the steps above, sending flowers to your loved ones abroad will be as easy as buying from your favourite florist.

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