9 Great Ways To Find Travel Inspiration Again

After such a chaotic two years, including international lockdowns, limitations on travel potential, and of course, many of us feeling rusty thanks to not travelling as freely as we would have liked to, it’s not uncommon for some to feel a little burned out.

For this reason, the idea of travelling itself can feel somewhat tiring, as if we’ve stopped before we’ve even started.

Of course, the new year is on its way, and with it the potential hope for a renewed and refreshed perspective. But how can you find that travel inspiration once more, the means by which to explore with your family, and how can you use this break to switch things up a little, flipping the script and considering the future of the adventures you take?

In this post, we hope to address all of that and provide some worthwhile suggestions for anyone considering travel once more. Like most things, once that travel inspiration builds, the willingness to move forward and run with that momentum is hard to stop.

With that in mind, let’s begin:

  1. A Simple Road Trip

It’s good to try and focus on local travel experiences that you can plan in a day or two, and enjoy in about that time also. This can help you dip your toe back into the enjoyment of travel without really worrying about stressful planning or investing too much money in the experience.

A road trip need not seem like an insignificant means of enjoying travel, however, as you may be able to visit quite a few places near you, head to towns that you haven’t visited before, and find a range of events, restaurants, cafes, and public institutions you can enjoy. This might involve taking a trip in a particular direction and trying to find the five most enjoyable activities to do along that route, or simply visiting every member of your family along the coast.

With a car set up for the perfect road trip, a map and GPS, some great songs set to a playlist (this is essential), a car survival kit and a convenience kit, you’ll be in the best place to enjoy your upcoming expedition. This can tie into the theme of enjoying:

  1. Transport As A Vacation

Many people think of transport as the thing you do in order to get to a place, not anything to really focus on in terms of enjoying the journey as a whole. But that’s not necessarily true.

After all, transport does take time, so why not enjoy this? It might be, for instance, that you decide to make transport a major part of your journey. Heading to certain areas in England where old classic and vintage trains are still in action can help you see a range of beautiful villages along a river, as well as many locations you recall from films like Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter.

Or, perhaps you could buy a ticket for the interrailing line in Europe, which for a small price can give you access to a range of countries – getting to and fro from the comfort of a carriage, which can also double as an amazing, long hiking vacation. As you can see, sometimes realizing transport is nothing to dread can once again inspire your travel motivations.

  1. Artistic Inspiration

Those who enjoy practising their artistic craft, no matter if that’s drawing, painting with watercolour, writing, photography or anything else, can gain quite a lot from travel. After all, travel broadens the mind, and expands our horizons.

It might be that heading somewhere with artistic inspiration in mind can help fuel your journey. Perhaps, visiting the birthplace of a great artist you love can help you see the same landscapes they did, feeling a sense of kinship with them and their works. Certain places are full of inspiration. It’s hard not to look at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, for instance, and feel anything other than awe.

Perhaps your ambitions are a little more restrained, which is just fine too. Heading to a mountain closest to you, or a large national park, can help you see the beauty of nature in its unlimited form, giving you a view to paint or feelings to write about. Travel can be the great nurturer, so don’t be afraid to make it the best you can.

  1. The Wonders of the World

It might seem rote, but you’d be astonished at how well visiting the wonders of the world (there are many more than just seven in terms of cultural and historical relevance) can help you feel a sense of awe for even being on this planet in the first place, a highly improbable event in the first place.

This could lead you to booking Egypt Tours, or visiting the Great Wall of China, or incredible architecture that has been preserved for some time, like the Roman colosseum of old. These creations are of incredible historical import, and can quite literally re-enthuse your love for travel at a cellular level. And, of course, you are more than capable of making your own list regarding which wonders to enjoy and take part in, adding autonomy and creativity to the whole affair.

  1. Countries You Rarely Think Of

In our westernized outlook, it can be easy to forget about the range of amazing countries out there that deserve your attention, and may be a nuanced, unique, wholly engrossing means of travelling.

For instance, why not visit Liechtenstein, a country between Switzerland and Austria? It’s known for some of the best skiing in the world, some of the most incredible vistas, and gorgeous vineyards. Or, why not head to Palau for its incredible marine ecosystems (they’re known for being the foremost marine preservationists in the world), or Grenada for some of the most beautiful exotic foliage to be found anywhere in the world?

Travel doesn’t have to be to London, or to Paris, or to New York, or to Sydney, although these places are incredible for tourists in their own right. There’s a whole world out there, and perhaps you just need a little stimulation to find that.

  1. Remote Regions Of Inspiration

Many people think that for a holiday or trip to be worthwhile, it needs to be somewhere notable, somewhere you can point to and say ‘oh yes, I’ve been there too!’ There’s nothing wrong with this of course. Many people have dreams of visiting the gorgeous hinterlands of Wales or the incredible hilly peaks of Scotland, or some of the most picturesque places in Europe.

Nestled on the cusp of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a land of unparalleled natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural richness. This remote region is an ideal destination for tourists looking for inspiration and a mix of traditional and modern vibes. From sailing through the enchanting Kornati archipelago to island-hopping to Hvar’s lavender fields, there are myriad ways in which Croatia’s famous cruises will leave travelers inspired and mesmerized. Whether you crave adventure, romance, or relaxation, click here to know more about cruises in Croatia to cater to your every need and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Yet the truth is that sometimes, getting away from it all and finding a remote region you can nevertheless enjoy a peaceful, enjoyable stay in can be fantastic. For instance, Vieste and Gargano is one of Italy’s best kept secrets, offering na incredible small seaside town with a beautiful national park. It might be that heading to somewhere like this can help you redefine travel on your own terms once more.

  1. Cultural Landmarks Of Note

Just because a given landmark might not be a wonder of the world doesn’t mean it won’t matter to you. For this reason, cultural landmarks that you find appealing can also be a good way to explore this Earth on your own terms, with your own tastes.

It doesn’t matter if this means visiting a particular museum, like the Louvre, or heading to Route 66 and taking that trip as part of a huge exploratory road trip, or heading to Northern Spain to enjoy the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route as popularized in films like The Way, but of course, well known for its actual relevance as a religious and historical location.

  1. Documenting Your Travel As Art

Of course, finding travel inspiration should be considered a fire to be kindled and not necessarily a perfect mindset to force. This can be aided by enjoying your travels when documenting them, perhaps taking this time to blog about it, or vlog a video for YouTube you can edit later, or take some time painting certain landmarks or writing a journal on your way.

A nice combination of these elements can make a tremendous difference while also giving you the insight to sit back, ponder your journey, think about where you need to head next, and the lessons you take from the trip.

  1. Active Sports Experiences

Of course, getting sporty and involved can also be a good way to feel the euphoria of physical effort and great fun doing something you may not otherwise take part in. For instance, skiing in the alps, abseiling, taking canoe rides, or simply going for a famous hike can be wonderful.

In your local area, perhaps climbing up Mount Snowdown via the safe route can be a good way to get started, or simply cycling from one town to the other with a friend and enjoying this as a quasi-holiday can achieve your goal. As you can see, personal goals are the most important here.

With this advice, you’re sure to feel that travel inspiration you may have been missing.

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