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7 Fashion Essentials for Active Travelers

For some, the appeal of travel lies in relaxing, taking it slow, and spending leisurely time with loved ones. Others, however, love the adrenaline rush that comes with a more active itinerary. For the latter, a travel bucket list to another locality likely involves adventurous activities like climbing a mountain, hiking through a forest, setting up camp near a lake or river, or going on biking and running excursions on city and country roads.

Are you naturally inclined to physical and athletic activities, and would you want these to be among the highlights of your next trip away from home? If so, here’s a list of fashion essentials that will help you prepare for an active travel itinerary. Don’t leave home for your next adventure without these seven items in your suitcase.

Travel Shoes

Put special care into the type of shoes you bring with you for an active travel itinerary. You’ll want shoes that can take you through a particular activity you want to do while you’re away, like outdoor boots for hiking trips or running shoes for cross-country runs. It’s also a good idea to shop socks that are made out of moisture-wicking fabric, as wearing these can keep your feet dry and comfortable as you go from one place to another.

In addition to these, pack travel shoes that are comfortable and that can be worn on different occasions. Travel sandals and durable slip-on sneakers can withstand both light physical activity and long hours spent walking on rough surfaces like cobblestones.


Travelers who anticipate a lot of physical activity during their upcoming trips should be wise about the bottoms they pack. You’re best off with bottoms that can sufficiently protect your legs from scratches, bruises, and insect bites while preserving your comfort, freedom of movement, and physical performance.

Stretchy, durable, and lightweight leggings may be the ideal choice of bottoms for this purpose. Grab a pair or two for your next trip and wear them for activities like hiking, biking, or laps around the city.

A Breathable Button-Down Shirt

Short-length and sleeveless tops may seem like instinctive choices for active travel, especially if you’re headed somewhere hot. But it’s also a good idea to pack at least one cool and breathable button-down shirt. It would be even better to invest in shirts that fall under the category of sun-protective clothing and shirts that have travel-friendly features, like zippered pockets.

On top of making you look sharp on any occasion—even if you’re in the middle of the great outdoors—a button-down shirt can better protect you from problems like sunburn, rainfall, or a sudden chilly breeze. Moreover, if you want to make your way to a cultural attraction that has a strict dress code, a button-down will help you get in without issue.

Basic Travel Shirts

It goes without saying that you also need an arsenal of basic travel shirts in your active travel wardrobe. They can be any color and style you want, but it would be good for most of them to be made of breathable fabric and possess moisture-wicking qualities.

Pack a variety of round-neck or V-neck tees for your trip, plus a few sleeveless tops for occasions like boating trips or a meal by the beach. Keep an extra shirt in your carry-on bag or your backpack in case of an emergency.

A Travel Dress

If you plan on attending special events as well as enjoying adrenaline-packed activities on your next trip, it would also be smart to include a simple but versatile travel dress. Choose the type that’s water-repellent and wrinkle-free so that you won’t have any trouble looking neat, wherever you are.

You can opt for a short-length dress to pair with some tights or a midi dress that can work for both a long day out and a night around town. Wear it on its own or with appropriate bottoms when you’re doing a physical activity like going on a walking tour, and then dress it up with simple accessories like a necklace and earrings when it’s time for dinner and drinks.

A Windbreaker

You can never predict what exactly the weather will be like when you travel, but you can always be sufficiently prepared for it. For sudden rain showers or cold winds during a hiking or camping trip, you’ll want to bring a windbreaker jacket made out of waterproof or water-resistant material.

The windbreaker is an ideal choice for active trips to tropical or temperate countries. It will shield you from the elements when it’s in use, and it won’t take up a lot of space in your luggage when it’s packed away.

A Smartwatch

Lots of people consider an outfit incomplete without a watch, and it may definitely be the case for many active travelers. Apart from serving as nice wrist candy, a good smartwatch will prove invaluable to the “active” aspect of your trip. This includes counting your steps, tracking how many calories you’ve burned, and recording your heart rate after a particular activity.

Before you go on your next active travel adventure, look into buying a smartwatch that’s both stylish and functional. It may be one of the best investments you make for future trips of this nature.

Pursuing an active travel itinerary may require you to put a little more thought into the clothes and accessories you’ll bring with you. But being thoughtful about these will pay off, and you’ll enjoy your active travel adventures the way you’re meant to—that is, free to challenge yourself and be completely immersed in the moment.

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