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6 Steps to Improve Your English Vocabulary

English is the most voluminous language in the world. For the same reason, the number of words in this language keeps growing. It gives you more opportunities to improve and expand your vocabulary.

Learning new words can help you as a communicator, professional, or student. It makes you express yourself and understand others better. Vocabulary is also one of the primary keys to speaking more English fluently.

Improving and expanding your vocabulary can be a fun aspect if you follow these tips. 

Why Is It Good to Improve Your Vocabulary?

Improving your vocabulary can come in handy in several aspects of your life. It can be helpful in your personal and professional life. Here is why it is good to improve your vocabulary.

1) Writing

You can write more vividly and precisely if you have an expanded vocabulary. You can describe yourself and your experiences more accurately on your cover letter and resume while applying for a new job. A decent and expanded vocab helps you to communicate better with your friends, colleagues, and team through emails and memos. 

2) Reading

Several ways are out there which can help you to read, create new words and understand more quickly. Having an expanded and improved vocabulary is also one of them. It also helps in your professional life by boosting you to understand communications and instructions clearly.

3) Conversation

Having a good vocabulary also helps you speak more fluently. It can also help in your professional life at conferences and interviews. It increases your network in the professional world. 

How to Improve Your English Vocabulary?

1) Develop a reading habit

Reading is a primary factor in expanding and improving your vocabulary. However, reading does not mean you have to do a speed run of a newspaper. You need to write down the words you do not know and learn their meanings.

You can expand your library quickly in this manner. It is a more fun method than learning new words from some list of words. It teaches you new words and how and where to use them. Reading novels, books, and newspapers can help massively.

2) Play word games and use online tools

There is no better way to learn than playing a game. Games like Boggle and Scramble can improve your vocabulary. You gain new words and how to use them quickly. These games give you a chance to learn even six to twelve-letter words.

You can also make this task easier by using online tools to find and use new words in word games. You can also add conditions like 5 or 6 or more letter words, words without vowels, words with specific initials, etc., to get the best results. You can create new words effortlessly by using online tools.

3) Use Thesaurus and a Dictionary

Using a dictionary only to know the meaning of a word is not much helpful. You might need to learn about its synonyms and antonyms, meaning, root words, and related words. It will help you remember the word for a very long time.

4) Subscribe to Today’s Word Feeds

Some apps, websites, and newspapers give a new word and its definition, synonyms, root words, etc., daily. It can help you to expand your vocabulary. You can also try to use (write/speak/read) that word in 10-20 sentences on that day. 

Learning a new word daily without using it will not help you much. You need to ensure you are using it somewhere. Apps are one of the best ways to learn new words daily because of the availability of smartphones. You can spend 5-10 minutes on a new word after getting the notification on your phone.

5)  Use New Words in Conversation

There is no point in learning new words if you can not use them in writing or talking. There is a strong possibility of you forgetting these new words frequently. It means you need to use them as many times as you can. 

You can start writing them in your dictionary. You can also use these words in a conversation. Moreover, you can initiate a new conversation around these words. It helps you get better at word choice. Using this practice with friends and family reduces errors, gradually making you more ready than ever for professional life. 

6) Songs, Movies, and TV Series

Listening to songs is also a fun way to learn new words. You can read its lyrics on the internet and write unknown words on paper. You can also give yourself tasks like learning all unknown words from an individual album, artist, or song.

Watching movies and TV series with subtitles can also do the trick for you. You can learn hundreds if not thousands of words from a movie if you decide to watch it to expand your vocab.

Keeping up the learning while watching a TV series can be a difficult part. I always prefer learning new words from alternate episodes. It keeps me knowledgeable and entertained at the same time.


You can find several ways to expand your vocab if you want to. It depends on the time and effort you want to put into it. Learning new words is easier than learning other subjects like maths, science, etc. 

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