6 key features for a family bathroom

From inspiring a sense of fun to keeping the environment safe, there are many things to think about when designing a child-friendly bathing space. Here’s the six key features for a family bathroom that will keep you and the kids smiling day to day.

An over-bathtub shower

Wrangling small children into the bath every night can soon turn from a joy into a chore. This is especially true if you are trying to balance bathing a baby with washing a toddler! 

Keep the process as simple as possible by installing an electric shower over the bathtub rather than having separate fixtures. This two-in-one combination gives you total flexibility with the washing process and will make your children’s graduation from bath to shower a much more natural move.

Slip-resistant bathmats

It’s safety first in a family bathroom! 

This environment will always have inherent dangers, predominantly slippery surfaces due to the presence of water on tiles or the bottom of the bath or shower. A risk of slipping combined with the sharp corners and hard materials in a bathroom is a recipe for an injury. 

Make sure that you keep your children slow, safe, and stable in the bathroom by using slip-resistant bathmats around the tub, sink, and toilet. These mats have suction grip to keep them stuck to the floor.

A soft-close toilet seat

Another great safety mechanism that has the added effect of minimising noise is a soft-close toilet seat.

These seats are rigged to close slowly and silently. This means that little fingers cannot become accidentally trapped between the seat and the toilet, and there is no loud bang when the lid is shut.

Twin sinks with mirror

Do your children fight over the mirror when they are cleaning their teeth? 

Put this argument to bed by installing twin sinks that can be personalised to each child with individual toothbrush holders. That way, both kids have their own clear space and plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Plenty of storage space

Let’s face it: children come with a lot of ‘stuff’. From special baby-friendly soaps and shampoos to that all-important first-aid kit and medicine, you will have a lot items that belong in the bathroom.

Make sure that the room has plenty of storage space. This will help you to stay organised and will minimise clutter that might be distracting or even unsafe for small children. Small bathrooms will benefit from ‘floating shelves’ installed at a good height that leave the lower space clear for fittings. Also useful are ground-level cupboards and a chest of drawers that can be locked with a key.

Child-friendly colours

Finally – design your bathroom in a way that makes bathtime fun!

Add child-friendly colours on the walls or incorporate them into the towels, stools, and seats for a more subtle approach. Children respond best to bright primary colours such as blue, red, yellow, and green. 

You could also feature child-friendly artwork such as an educational poster in a frame or a funky shower curtain with a youthful pattern.

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