5  Ways to Use Railway Sleepers in Your Garden

Landscaping your garden can give it a new, aesthetically appealing look. One versatile option for landscaping is railway sleepers. These wooden beams offer an eco-friendly way to decorate your garden space with strategic design choices.

Railway sleepers also help you create functional garden features. There are many ways you can use these sleepers to transform your gardening experience. Here are five of them:

1. Raised Garden Beds

The sturdy nature of railway sleepers is useful in creating raised garden beds. Railway sleepers are not only durable but also provide a distinct, natural look that can enhance any garden design. They also improve drainage and soil retention. Using railway sleepers for your raised garden beds keeps your plants safe from pests with ample room for root growth. To raise your garden beds, simply stack the sleepers to your desired height and secure them to form a solid frame. This will define your planting areas. Then, fill with soil. 

However, be careful not to use reclaimed sleepers pre-treated with carcinogenic substances. They are harmful to plants and pose a danger for you when you grow edible plants on such sleeper beds.

2. Make a Trellis

If you love climber plants such as roses or sprawling vines, then using railway sleepers to create a trellis is a good idea. A trellis will provide essential support for your climbers while helping you organize the style of your garden.

To make a trellis, you need garden sleepers, nails or screws. You can also use vines instead of nails to hold them together. 

  • Arrange the sleepers in a lattice or teepee shape. 
  • Secure them with nails or vines.
  • Set them up in your desired spot and let your plants weave their way up the trellis.

3. Garden Steps

Add a touch of drama and functionality to your garden landscape with steps crafted from railway sleepers. It doesn’t matter if you prefer gentle slopes or multi-level terraces, garden steps add depth and space to your garden. Arrange the sleepers horizontally or vertically to create risers. Then fill them with gravel or chippings for added stability. 

4. Create Edges and Borders

Tired of your lawn creeping into your flower beds? Tame that grass with a stylish railway sleeper border. Sleepers act as a natural barrier, stopping your lawn grass or weeds from taking over. They are also easy to maintain, so you spend less time weeding.

5. Platform Decking 

You can create a nice, cozy area in your garden by decking with railway sleepers. The construction of decking platforms differs from conventional seating areas. They are suitable for your morning coffee time or hosting small evening gatherings.

It’s important to note that platform decking needs grooved surfaces so your sleepers are not slippery. You can solve this by painting the railway sleepers’ surface with anti-slip paint or adding the grooves yourself.


Railway sleepers are the ultimate garden multitaskers. They bring both functionality and flair to your garden space. So, hop aboard the Garden Express and let your creativity run wild with railway sleepers.

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