5 Ways to go Green With Your Labradoodle

As eco-conscious humans, we’re always looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment. But it’s not just our own carbon footprint that’s worth taking into account. One study estimated that the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by cats and dogs alone is around 64 million tons – or 25% of that produced by all animals. 

Let’s not forget about the billions of kilograms of meat and processed grains that our pets consume each year, not to mention the subsequent waste. How you take care of your dog plays a major role in determining their impact. We can all take some measures to foster a more eco-conscious relationship with our curly-haired pups.

With this in mind, here are five ways to go green with your Labradoodle. 

Make Thoughtful Purchases

Many pet products contain the same toxic plastics, flame retardants, and chemicals that we know to avoid for our own health. This includes toys, bedding, and grooming items, as well as collars and leads. Organic alternatives are usually available, which are made from natural materials such as hemp and bamboo as opposed to vinyl or BPA. 

Shampoos are another important one to look out for. Eco-friendly options are free from toxic chemicals that otherwise go down the drain (and harm our Labradoodles). You can also look out for non-toxic cleaning products for handling any accidents your puppy might make. 

Feed Them Right

Mass-produced commercial dog food has its benefits, as most of it is made out of by-products of human food that are not fit for our consumption. But that’s not to say it doesn’t have an impact. This is especially true when it comes to the prevalence of GMO corn and soy, which adds pesticides into the environment. 

It’s also important to note that processed kibbles are no good for your Labradoodle, as they contain high amounts of sugars, unhealthy fats, and potentially harmful chemicals. One solution is to follow Bella and Duke’s advice and opt for a raw dog food diet with their tailor-made meal plan. 

Their range of all-natural dog food for Labradoodles has numerous health benefits over mass-produced food, including improved energy levels and fewer intolerances. As a bonus, you can get free delivery on your orders. By feeding your Labradoodle a healthy, balanced, and delicious diet, you can also avoid creating more waste from buying treats. 

Avoid the Unnecessary

The pet industry would have us believe that our dogs need everything from fancy outfits to decorative collars to elaborate toys. But in reality, our best friends’ needs are much simpler. A proper diet, exercise, healthcare, and plenty of love is more than sufficient. Anything on top of that is likely not necessary for their happiness and well-being.

Luxury pet products take a tremendous amount of resources to produce and are ultimately disposed of within a few years. All the packaging and transportation required for the products to reach your hands is no good for the environment, either. If you’ve ever played a game of fetch with your Labradoodle, you know that it’s more than enough.

Dispose of Waste Ethically

For most people, their dogs’ waste ends up in landfills and eventually rivers or oceans, often enveloped in some sort of plastic packaging that further harms the environment. This is a major contributor to bacterial pollution in freshwater sources, which leads to the prevalence of diseases in our drinking water, and that which we use for agriculture.

A possible solution is to use your Labradoodle’s waste as compost, albeit in a separate container to the one you use for the gardening of anything edible. Some companies offer composting systems designed specifically for this purpose, which do the job faster and with less odour. This way, you can avoid sending it to landfills while also helping your garden.

Spay or Neuter

Too many dogs and cats are put in shelters, abandoned, or go feral due to a lack of enough people to take care of them all. This is a worldwide problem that can be significantly improved by spaying or neutering. In doing so, you can potentially contribute to the reduction of animal abuse and euthanisation rates. 

Moreover, spaying or neutering has numerous health benefits for your Labradoodle. This includes a much lower risk of cancer, as well as improved behaviour among males. Another reason to do it is for the conservation of food and other resources that are often in short supply in our shelters. 

If you ever want to add another pet to the family, consider adopting from a shelter first. Buying from a breeder is not only a waste of money, but it also increases demand and with it, overpopulation. Your eco-conscious efforts might go unnoticed, but the dogs, cats, and people of the world will all benefit, which makes it a most noble endeavour. 

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