5 ways to get your garden ready for Autumn

Now that we are officially approaching the colder months, it’s time to start packing away those sun loungers and bikinis and start preparing for the wind and rain. I’ve come up with 5 easy ways to organise your garden for the autumn season, ensuring that your outdoor space is at its best all year round.

1. Keep it clean

The first idea on my agenda is cleaning. Sounds boring, I know… but it’s essential for creating a pristine and tidy look for your garden. Start by cleaning any glass surfaces (windows, greenhouse, glass table) and then move on to your garden furniture; these pieces can easily get dirty so start the season off with a fresh new look. Another helpful tip and one that you will be thanking yourself for later is cleaning your BBQ. There is nothing more annoying than the first sunny day of the year, getting ready to start up your BBQ and realising it’s still dirty. Think ahead and leave your BBQ clean and ready for the new year.

2. Outdoor shade and comfort

My next top tip for the autumn season is finding a shading structure that allows you to relax outside even when it rains. The Metro suggested in a recent article that “a pergola is a great way of creating an extra ‘room’ outside”. “They can shelter you from the sun and protect you from the chill of autumn”. The retractable roof pergolas from Designer Shade Solutions are a perfect example of this outside room, protecting you from the weather all year round. These structures use a retractable roof which can tilt, open and close in accordance with the weather allowing you to stay dry, warm, and sheltered. Clearly, a retractable shade sail is a great idea to get your garden ready for the autumn season whilst also allowing you to cling onto the summer for a little longer.

3. Green, green grass

If you have a garden with a fresh patch of grass, you are probably told to water and cut it consistently during the summer months. However, just because the sun has faded, doesn’t mean you should now neglect your garden grass. Grass does grow at a slower rate during the colder months, but it is still important to keep on top of cutting it at this time of year, particularly before the frost and waterlogging hits. Not only this but keep an eye on the weather, if it remains dry then it doesn’t do you any harm to get the hose pipe out and keep your grass hydrated.

4. Add some heat

If you are like me, you may feel a little bit sad when autumn hits and that feeling of summer warmth is no longer so familiar. That’s why my 4th top tip is to consider installing a heating system within your garden space. You could simply find a free-standing heating system which can be positioned by your garden furniture, but they do then run the risk of water damage. Instead, why not implement a heating system to your retractable pergola roof blinds from Designer Shade Solutions? They offer customisable and bespoke features such as “glass sides, heating and lighting to create an all-year-round retreat”, as explained by The Diary of a Jewellery Lover.

5. Feed the birds

A final way to prepare for the autumn is by feeding the wildlife. At this time of year, there are fewer natural food sources for birds, in particular. So, replenish your bird feeder (or invest in one!) and treat the birds to some food this autumn. It’s always a lovely feeling waking up and seeing the birds enjoying your garden, as much as you can. 

Hopefully, I have provided some useful tips to help you prepare your garden for the autumn season and you can start getting underway with these jobs. Will you be getting out the rubber gloves to start cleaning? Perhaps you will be taking a closer look at the louvre roof available at Designer Shade Solutions. Fizzy Peaches says that “being able to retract the roof of your pergola to either an open, closed or tilted position will no doubt prove to be a very useful and convenient feature for you, in comparison to older models of pergolas”.

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