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5 Top Fashion Tips for Autumn 2020

The autumn season is in full flow and whilst there might have been certain restrictions in place, there is still the opportunity to step out in ‘Hush Style’ from time to time. So when you are deciding what pieces to add to your wardrobe next, take a look at our 5 top tips so that you ensure you are well-dressed for the changing weather as we head into the winter months. 

1. Use colour wisely 

In the UK particularly, the weather becomes a little dreary and it is very easy to see the world in grey. Drizzle, wind, even fog and cloud can all make it hard to envision a brighter world so change it yourself with a flash of colour! You can choose to go the whole hog and step out in a suit in a bright berry colour for example, or add a jumper in a neon pink to a dark skirt. Perhaps choose a scarf in a striking colour or even trousers as the brighter element of the outfit to be a little different. When you add colour to your ensemble, you’ll instantly elevate even the gloomiest of days. 

2. Invest in a statement dress

Prints look great in shirts but have you ever considered a heavily patterned dress? These pieces are the sort of items that will really stand out and make heads turn the second you walk in a room and that’s perfect for the darker times of Autumn. Patterns go in and out of style so this season pick an animal print, or perhaps a tartan. You could even choose full sequins if you’re heading to an event (and yes a Zoom gathering counts!) and make one of the boldest statements of all. 

3. Get some boots that are made for walking

The weather will most certainly have turned regardless of where you are in the world and you need the right footwear to suit this, and maintain your style at the same time. Of course, the right boot can dress an outfit up or down and can also protect you from the elements. Knee high leather boots with no heel will be perfect for spending a lot of time outdoors on your feet, whilst spike heeled stilettos will take even the most casual get up from day to night. If boots aren’t really your thing, then you can always invest in a pair of designer trainers. These are staying well in fashion and are comfy too! 

4. Pick a bag that has it all 

With so many extras such as face masks and hand sanitiser to carry as well as all your regular items, you need to ensure your bag can house everything as well as look good too. A designer bag can come in all shapes and sizes to suit a multitude of different looks, plus with the durability that comes with the right branding, it will be an excellent investment.

5. Wrap up 

The pesky weather means you can’t step out in just a cardigan anymore so it’s time for the right coat. Or what about a cloak or some kind of other wrap? You don’t need to be confined to the traditional coats so why not go for something a little more outlandish to set you apart? 

Follow a few of these tips in the same outfit and you will be leading the style pack right up until the end of winter!

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