5 Tips when Preparing for a Road Trip Across the UK

Most people think of a road trip across the good old US of A. Mostly across Route 66. But a road trip across the UK is just as enjoyable and won’t cost your life savings either.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Can Handle It

First of all, make sure your vehicle can handle a long journey. If your car, campervan or caravan is a little older, then pop it into your local garage for a once over. Failing that, ask yourself, “Can I get car finance?” and consider maybe a new or used car that’s up for the job. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the shoulder of the M26 in British weather. It will likely be raining, and as luck would have it, you’re ten miles from the nearest service station. If you trust your car, prepare it for a trip with new oil and water, and check your tire tread and lights.

Keep a Close Eye on the Weather

Good old Blighty loves to throw everything under the Sun when it comes to weather and never usually the actual Sun. So even in summer, the British weather isn’t guaranteed to be sunshine and rainbows. In fact, the mean temperature of the UK’s hottest month (July) is a meagre 19 degrees celsius. Fortunately, news outlets like the BBC and smartphone apps such as AccuWeather make tracking weather much easier these days. So the best advice, check the weather before making any decisions about where to go and what to do.

Always Use a GPS System

GPS has come a long way since its early days in cars. No longer will you be directed over the Dover cliffs to your untimely demise. Modern GPS is much more accurate, and it doesn’t cost much either. If you have a smartphone, you can use a free GPS on Google Maps. While GPS is excellent for directing your route, there are numerous other advantages. For example, you will get real-time and up-to-date incoming adverse weather reports, traffic jams and road closures. With your GPS, you can avoid most things likely to ruin your day.

Stay Vigilant Against Covid-19

Of course, your road trip can be ruined by the pandemic. And with most people choosing domestic holidays this year, there will likely be another spike in infections. So, no matter where you go, stay vigilant and cautious. Social distancing and wearing a mask is a little annoying. But the risk of getting Covid is still real, even if you are fully vaccinated and have had booster jabs. Keep your mouth covered in crowded areas and stay two meters from anyone not in your immediate social circle. And it’s vital you wash your hands when out in public.

Plan Your Enjoyment Ahead of Time

Like using GPS and checking the weather, you must plan your stops ahead of time. Planning everything helps you stay on track with your timings. Timing can help alleviate the worst annoyances such as increased traffic times, peak visiting hours of attractions and when a planned interest will be open. Like a restaurant you want to try, for example. The UK has tons of amazing things to offer, and you won’t get to do them all. But you can make the most of a trip to Liverpool with the Beatles Tour, Liverpool match and a hearty bowl of scouse.


Britain is a fantastic place to visit. From the furthest regions of Scotland to the mystical peaks of Wales and the picturesque towns of Southern England. But it can all be ruined if you don’t check your car, the weather and planning around peak times and the availability of attractions.

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