5 Tips To Remember When Shopping For Girls Shoes

Kids grow up so fast, and so are their foot sizes. Therefore, the need to shop for a new pair of shoes arises.

Many parents tend to overlook the need to buy the right shoes for their children. However, it would be best to keep in mind that suitable shoes are vital for your child’s feet development. The perfect shoes for your kid are the ones that will fit her feet without having to arch her toes. It should also give her comfort and protection, especially because children are very active individuals who love to run and play most of the time. Not just that, the style should also complete her look and fit its purpose. Therefore, you want to purchase the best.

However, shopping for a girl’s shoes can be tricky and challenging. Aside from the fact that most children do not love shoe shopping as much as their moms, and with all the tons of options out in the market today, it can be overwhelming to pick the best one. Take note that a pretty design is never enough. Comfort and ergonomics should always be part of the game.

If you’re planning to shop for girls shoes anytime soon, check out the five essential features to look for when deciding which one to buy.

  1. Proper Fit

First, proper fitting is crucial before picking a pair of shoes to purchase. Have you ever tried buying a pair of shoes just because you fell in love with them the first time you saw them? However, as soon as you started using them, you realized it was such a big mistake because it doesn’t fit you well? Well, that usually happens when you buy out of a rush.

It’s strongly advised to let your child try to fit the shoes before purchasing. Let them walk a few steps with it and ask how they feel. Make sure that their toes are not arching or the big toe isn’t protruding into the top of the shoe, causing them pain and discomfort. There should also be enough room for the width and length of the feet, being able to spread the toes comfortably, especially when your child has wide feet.

One good trick to keep in mind is getting a bit longer shoe than your child’s longest toe. Doing so will make sure that she’ll be able to use it for a longer time with comfort.

Another pro tip is to purchase a pair of shoes by daytime. According to studies, feet are expected to be a little swollen in the morning. Doing so will ensure you that it’ll fit your child’s feet, whether it’s swollen or not.

  1. Easy To Wear

When it comes to girls’ shoes, you must choose a style that’s easy to wear. Kids are playful by nature. With that being said, it’s essential that their shoes can easily be worn and are hassle-free when in use. Not just that, it should also have the ability to hold their feet amidst the intense motion that they’ll be doing, like running and jumping.

For instance, shoes with zips are much more convenient and easier to wear than those with laces. Those with adjustable straps could also be a good option, especially when particular instances arise, like having a swollen foot or wearing stockings.

  1. Durable

Most children love to run, jump and play around. Depending on what season it is, this can mean a lot of wear and tear. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to pick a pair of shoes that’s durable enough to support their daily activities. The best wellies are a good example of a shoe that can handle those spring puddle jumping sessions and save the rest of the wardrobe for a more appropriateday. It’s also essential to pick those that have sturdy cushioning. This will help your child’s stability while walking and prevent them from unwanted trip-offs and slips.

  1. Textured Sole

Yes, you heard it right. Textured and patterned soles are vital when picking a shoe design for your child. It’s because these patterns provide traction on the shoes, making sure that they do not easily slip, especially on slick surfaces. It’s also very ideal, especially in the rainy season, where the pavement is expected to be slippery.

  1. Good Quality And Condition

Good quality is necessary when picking the right girls’ shoes. Though this might be common advice, it’d be best to be reminded of it. Make sure that you check the condition of the shoes before purchasing them. Ensure that the material is intact, and not breaking apart. Inspect if the stitches are still entirely covering the sides of the shoes.

A key tip to remember when buying one is to get new items instead of the old ones. Unused shoes that just sits on the retail shelves expire faster than the new ones.


Shoe shopping for girls can be a challenge. Because children do not have as much patience in waiting and fitting as adults do, they pretty much get bored faster at the store. That’s why it’s vital to know the top things to keep in mind when choosing the right shoes for your child for faster and more accurate shoe shopping.

Remember to inspect before making a decision. Ensure that it fits your child’s feet properly. Good quality and durability are also essential for it to last longer. Looks and design are important as it’s one way to express their style, but ergonomics and quality are equally essential. Considering the five tips stated above will help you reach the perfect shoes for your girl.

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