5 Simple Ways to Inject Spring Into Your Home Decor

Spring is here at last and after a long and harsh winter, it’s only natural to want to brighten up your home’s décor and design to reflect the change in season. Changing your home décor to match up with the season is a great way to ensure it stays fresh and stylish all year round, yet you don’t have to make any significant or expensive updates. Each of these tips is easy and ready to be swapped out with the arrival of the next season.

Here are five simple ways to inject spring into your home décor.

Update Your Table Settings

To give the kitchen a sense of spring, this is the perfect time to update your table settings. Choosing light and airy spring colors is ideal, and can make the kitchen feel more open and fresh. Swap the placemats, linen napkins, and even the tableware (dishes) if you choose. Many homeowners have dishes that are meant for different seasons and holidays, always rotating between what they have.

Fresh Floral Arrangements Add Color and a Sense of Nature

Nothing says spring like a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers. Floral arrangements can work with any existing décor and design and choosing flowers that are in season brings a sense of the outdoors into the home. Depending on the flowers you choose, they can also fill the air with a lovely fragrance. Why not set up weekly home delivery of spring flowers from a shop such as eflorist? Each week the arrangement can feature different varieties and colors of flowers, keeping the décor fresh and spring-like, mimicking what can be found in the gardens outdoors.

Encourage the Natural Light to Pour In

The hope is that spring is filled with lots of lovely days that offer plenty of sunshine. So this is the perfect time to pull back heavy window coverings and, if needed, move around furniture so windows aren’t obstructed. You want to allow as much natural light in as possible. Natural light infuses the home with liveliness and can improve your mood, filling you with energy.

Use Scented Candles to Create Atmosphere

Scented candles are another trick that home designers recommend and it’s a trick that can be used in any season. Simply pick a scent that invokes the kind of feelings you’re trying to create. For spring think fresh, light, and even sweet-smelling candles that can lift a person’s mood. Some of the more popular spring candle scents include mandarin, lemon, rose, bergamot, and jasmine.

If you aren’t a fan of scented candles, you can always use a diffuser in the same way, filling the home with lovely spring fragrances.

Throw Pillows and Blankets Can Be Swapped Out

The final tip is to give a nod to the trendy spring colors and fabrics by swapping out the throw pillows and blankets. Choose bright spring-like colors in lightweight fabrics to ensure the pieces are stylish.

A Spring Palette You’ll Love

Each of these design and décor tips will help to bring a sense of spring to the interior of your home, helping you to embrace the season.

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