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5 Retail Packaging Styles that Moms Love

Packaging is more than just that functional piece of a product that keeps it well-sealed and protected. Ultimately, it’s also a marketing function. It’s because of this that product packaging today is becoming even more innovative than it was in the past. All you need to do is to walk through some items in a retail store’s aisles, and you’re sure to find loads of products, each with their own creative packaging styles.

Moms, in particular, are no stranger to this. In between shopping for their needs and those of their family, they surely go through hundreds of products when they go shopping. With this, it’s also safe to say that there are certain packaging styles that are sure to be great hits with moms, mostly because of their perfect blend of functionality and style.

There are retail packaging styles that stand out and sit well with moms, such as the following:

  1. Eco-Friendly Or Reusable Packaging

In keeping with the move for more sustainable habits at home, many retail brands aren’t just more conscious of the products they’re producing, but also the packaging. Moms adore it when they see items kept in reusable or eco packaging.

For example, reusable totes or bags are something moms would opt for, as they can use them for a myriad of other purposes. When they leave the house, they sure have a lot of things to bring with them, so those reusable bags will come in handy.

The same holds true for reusable glass boxes and bottles, which they can use to store household products. If a certain packaging can’t be reused, then it at least needs to be biodegradable, like paper, so they’d feel less guilty about all the trash their household has.

  1. Stripes And Patterns

Gone are the days when plain paper packaging was fine. Well, technically, there’s nothing wrong with it. But, if brands really want their products to stand out from among a sea of many other products, then yours have to stand out.

Two of the prints that catches the eye of many moms are stripes and patterns: paisley, chevron, jacquard, and even mandala. Even if it’s just the packaging, at least it’s cute. Moms will truly prefer to have that beautiful paisley-printed bottle of hand soap for their house’s powder room than a plain, hospital-looking one, as the former will also serve as an added design element for their homes.

  1. Whimsical And Child-Like Designs

When it comes to the items moms buy for their children, it follows that they also prefer those that have a whimsical and child-like packaging design. The reason is simple: it’ll make the products more interesting to children, especially when it comes to certain food items.

Here are some examples:

  • Even bakeries are stepping up their packaging game by using printed baking or wax paper to wrap the bread rather than plain-looking ones. If kids are in line, some may go as far as wrapping it in wax paper with child-friendly prints.
  • Graphic prints on boxes and paper bags work for other moms as they also usually opt to reuse those as well, especially for gift-giving purposes.
  1. Personalized Packaging

While supermarkets and department stores may not necessarily be able to achieve this, it could be doable for specialty retail stores and online shops. Personalized packaging will truly elevate a brand’s packaging, and moms are crazy about it!

Moms love anything personalized. It could be something they’re buying for themselves or for their children. There’s just that added hint of thought and love when the packaging is personalized.

This doesn’t need to be anything major. It can be as simple as having their name typed or written on the packaging. 

  1. Simple And Fuss-Free

If you’re the brand that still wraps their products in layers of plastic, bubble wraps, and tissue paper before shipping them off, then eyes here. Moms hate such things!  No one likes to have all those added trash piling up in their bins on top of all the trash the kids and the entire household already makes.

Yes, you need to protect the item; that’s totally acceptable. But, this doesn’t mean layering it in so much plastic, if such isn’t necessary. If other brands can be as minimal with this as possible, then your brand can do it, too. 


For brands, it’s a crucial point to remember that your branding isn’t only limited to the products themselves, but should also transcend to the packaging. Certainly no one would like to receive something that’s shoddily wrapped, as even that will send moms’ eyebrows raising. When they’re the biggest population of shoppers for a majority of brands, it does pay to listen to what moms have to say: they do know best, even when it comes to product packaging.

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