5 Reasons to buy a used family car

As your family grows, you’ll likely be looking for a new car. You’ll want something reliable, economical and very spacious, to allow for car seats, prams and all the knick knacks you need for a day out, which sometimes feels like a car full in itself. If you’ve got a family dog, like me, you’ll want a big boot and if you like to take the family camping, you’ll want to check roof rack, bike rack and tow rack capabilities. When shopping for a new car you’ll have two main options, buying new or buying used.

A new car is a big outlay and depreciates a lot in the first few years. You can often snag a much better deal by buying a car that’s a few years old so. I’d also recommend using a reliable merchant or dealership as you get the additional protection of buying from a business. Looking for pre-loved cars? KAP Motors Kent offer a huge variety of Used Nissan Qashqai at the most competitive rates. Visit them to pick a car for yourself!

Here are 5 good reasons you should consider buying a used car.

Buying used avoids high depreciation

As previously mentioned, a used car will be significantly cheaper than a new car. In fact, prices can drop as much as 30% in the very first year. That’s some hefty depreciation if you choose to buy new, and buying used will avoid this significantly. This means you can still get a car that’s almost new but at significant savings. If you buy a car less than three years old you’re likely to still benefit from a factory warranty.

Buying used gives you a lot more flexibility on your budget

Since you’re saving an absolute ton of money by buying used, your money will go further. This will allow you to get upgrades, bells and whistles, or car models that you couldn’t afford on your budget if buying new. You’ll have the flexibility to really shop around and find the perfect car for the entire family.

An older car has lower insurance costs

Your car will have a much lower insurance premium if it is a used model over 12 months old. This will bring your monthly costs down. You should make sure you shop around and get the best quotes before making your purchase. If you have a few cars in mind, get quotes on all of them as you may find one fares better with the insurance companies.

There’s a crazy variety of used cars to find the right model for you

Buying a used car means you have a much higher degree of variety to choose from, allowing you to find a good fit. Between dealerships, used car merchants and private sales, there will be thousands of cars available. If you were buying new, you’d be limited only to the specific models being produced right now.

You’ll find lots of reviews and videos of older models

A big advantage of a used car is that you’ll find lots of reviews – not just professional reviews, but reviews and tips from people like yourself who have shared their knowledge and experience online. You’ll find videos on YouTube and help on forums, websites and Facebook about all sorts of technical things. This will help you figure out if there are any downsides to the models you’re looking at and anything you need to keep an eye out for. With a new car, this pool is much smaller and you may find that professional reviews don’t always go into the detail you’re looking for, or you don’t have anyone who can help when you’re searching for answers to questions.

As you can see these are five compelling reasons to shop for a used car rather than a new one. We’ve owned three cars as a family and all three were bought used and we feel we got excellent prices and reliable vehicles, so will continue to shop nearly new and used in the future.

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This post was written in collaboration with KAP Motor Group.

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