5 Reasons the Family Needs a Bean Bag

I fell in love with bean bags when I was pregnant as I found them way more comfortable than sitting on the sofa (although getting up from them became a bit of a chore!) and I’ve been a long-term fan of lounging on a bean bag whilst watching a movie, or even better – reading a book in the garden. Now that William is a toddler, I was keen for him to get a bean bag too. When Bean Bag Bazaar offered me one to try out, and another for my readers too (scroll to the bottom to WIN an awesome kids bean bag delivered in the UK!) I obviously jumped at the chance.

Bean Bag Bazaar have bean bags in lots of different shapes, sizes and colours. I wanted something that my toddler would feel comfortable using – but that would last a long time and not be grown out of. It needed to be sturdy, versatile, usable both indoors and out and of course, brightly coloured because I’m not the type of person to decorate in pastels as you might know from my Instagram feed!

I chose – and you can have a chance to win – the Kids Bean Bag Pod. I chose it in orange, but you can enjoy it in a very wide range of colours of your choice. It’s waterproof which really is essential when you’ve got kids, as well as meaning it can be used outdoors, and it retains it’s shape with a peak at the back to offer support. It’s big enough to support children from toddlers up to teenagers.

William is partial to lounging rather luxuriously on his bean bag, rather than sitting on it properly at this stage.

P.S. Those leggings? Under £5 on Amazon!

Also cats, if you have them, will be drawn to your bean bag like a magnet! But since they’re tough, durable and washable, it’s not a big deal at all.

I’ve found my Bean Bag Pod very popular with my son, lightweight and portable, whist being easily wiped clean which is a big plus with sticky toddler fingers. We’ve had a beautiful week of sun so we’ve been using it in the garden, and I love how bright the colour I chose is as well.

Scroll right down to the bottom for the competition to win your very own Kids Bean Bag Pod, but if you’re not lucky enough to win, they’re available for £24.99 delivered, which I think is very reasonable.

Here are my reasons that the family NEEDS a bean bag in their lives – but especially the kids!

5 Reasons the Family Needs a Bean Bag

Bean Bags are Comfortable

Bean bags are incredibly comfortable for all ages and sizes – and they’re actually good for posture, not bad for it! They mold to your body shape making them both comfortable and supportive.

Bean Bags are Fun

There’s something so much fun about sinking (or jumping if you’re a toddler) onto a bean bag. They make excellent for excellent play, especially since they’re not going to be damaged the way furniture might be. They’re also safer to play with, since there are no hard edges.

Bean Bags are Lightweight and Portable

They’re so lightweight you can take them wherever you want. You can move them around the house, take them into the garden, even take them out for the day to the park or camping. Yes, I would take my bean bag camping or even on a picnic. If there’s space in the car, don’t leave it behind!

Bean Bags can be used Indoors or Outdoors

Telling kids to get outside and get some fresh air can be met with groans, so you need to make the garden fun and comfortable and that’s exactly what an outdoor bean bag can do. Even if your kids are going to be on their phones / tablets all day – better to do it in the garden and get that fresh air and Vitamin D!

Bean Bags are Inexpensive

Bean bags are a piece of furniture which offers unparalleled value for money. This means that you can easily upgrade when your children grow out of them, or get extras for yourself. It means you can have spares for when friends come over or even different colours for different rooms. It’s a very small investment for a home item that ultimately can offer you a lot in return. So I’d very highly recommend that every family gets at least one, if you don’t mind sharing.

Win a Kids Bean Bag Pod!

By now I’m pretty sure you want a bean bag of your own, so in conjunction with Bean Bag Bazaar I’m offering you the opportunity to win one Kids Bean Bag Pod (your choice of colour). This prize can only be delivered in the UK. Just enter your details and complete the following actions for bonus entries!

Competition closes April 14th.

Win a Kids Bean Bag Pod from Bean Bag Bazaar

Note: I was offered a free product to review and am hosting a giveaway where the prize is supplied by the brand.

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