5 Must-Have Apps for Job-Seeking Mums

Whether you are already juggling work and family responsibilities, or you are searching for a new job, your life as a mum is multifaceted, busy, and quite demanding. In this article we are going to highlight 5 apps that are helpful for job-seeking mums. These apps are effective in helping you connect with opportunities so that you can become a working mum. 

Easy Voice Recorder

If you are considering starting a voiceover business from home and you use an Android device, then you should download the Easy Voice Recorder app. This app is a simple voice recording app that lets you record a voiceover on your device. The app allows you to record in high-quality AAC and PCM formats, or AMR format which is of lower quality. The app has a simple, user-friendly interface that does the job. Easy Voice Recorder can be used in the background, and you can control it using your device’s app control widget.


This is an effective job hunting app for job-seeking mums. One of the great features of this app is that it lets you browse hundreds of job opportunities anonymously based on your resume. If a company shows interest in your resume, the app will alert you and you can chat directly with a representative of the company. Jobr allows you to make a great first impression on your job-seeking pursuit. The app is compatible with iOS devices.


HireVue is an app that allows job interviewers to ask you some preliminary questions before meeting you in person. It is a fantastic job-seeking app for anyone looking for a job, especially job-seeking mums.

When an employer is interested in you, they will send you a request on HireVue (assuming you already have the app), which you can choose to respond to when you have the time. You may be required to answer some open-ended text, multiple-choice questions, which can be completed and sent to the interviewer, or you can also be asked to Facetime. Download it for Android and iOS.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest platform for professionals and job seekers. If you are a job-seeking mum, then you must register and have the LinkedIn app on your mobile device. This platform makes it easy for employers to find suitable candidates for roles in their organisations, so becoming a member is another way of giving you a better chance of landing a job. Once you have become a member and you have downloaded the app, the next step is to complete your profile and put your best foot forward by highlighting your skills and experience. And you will soon be getting messages from head hunters.

Voice Over Self Direction

Another app that is fantastic for job-seeking mums considering a career in voice acting or becoming a voiceover artist is Voice Over Self Direction. This app makes an effective voiceover coach that you can take with you to the recording booth. Since voiceover actors are required to audition for most of their gig, this app becomes essential in helping you get hired, especially if you are just starting. The downside of this app is it can be quite challenging and frustrating at first, but as you continue to use it, you will become more familiar with its features. If you are looking for a platform to connect with advertising and client agencies, then you should visit

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