5 ideas how to use PVC Sheets for a colourful kids room

Making the most of your child’s space 

Everyone wants to make sure their child has the most vibrant, colourful, and interesting bedroom possible. Budget can always be an issue though. If you’re looking to make a splash in your child’s bedroom but you’re trying to decorate your home more affordably, you might want to consider investing in colourful PVC sheets

Here are some simple ideas on how you can use them to great effect. 

1. Wall mounted art

You can use sheets from Plasticsheetshop.co.uk to create interesting visual effects on your child’s wall. For example, if your child has a blue wall with a solid colour, some create cutting of large PVC sheets can create mountain ranges and clouds, bringing almost a 3D effect into their room. It’s an impressive visual effect that requires little effort or expense, and it can be relatively easily removed when you want to change the effect or you redecorate. 

2. Art surrounds 

If your child loves art and you have canvases or paintings on their wall, or you’re considering investing in them, think about using simple PVC sheeting as a surround for them. It can enhance the visual effect greatly and you have the option of choosing a coloured surround that will complement the colours used in the art you’re mounting. 

3. Notice boards/To-Do’s

PVC sheeting can be used in practical ways too, such as for noticeboards or white boards. This can be a great way for you to introduce your child to responsibility in a gentle and managed way. All you need is a simple easel, a white PVC sheet and some marker pens and you can create a way for your child to remember their responsibilities or important things to remember. It can also be a great avenue for helping your child improve their writing or art skills. 

4. Play mats 

Large PVC sheeting can also be used to mark out a play area in your child’s room. This can give them a durable and flat area on which to play, which can be great if they love playing with cars for example. There’s also a practical element for you the parents too as PVC sheeting is durable, so it will take the punishment of play leaving your carpet/flooring well protected underneath. 

5. Mural backgrounds

If you have an arty bent, or you know someone who does, a large PVC background can be the perfect backing on which to create a mural on your child’s wall. This means you don’t have to worry about actually painting/drawing on the wall itself – so when you come to redecorate or you decide you want to have something different it’s easily removed. This can be ideal because a child’s interests can so rapidly develop and change as they get older. PVC sheets are lightweight, so will mount relatively easily to any wall in your child’s room. 

With these simple ideas for inspiration, it’s time to use PVC sheets to make your child’s room look even more amazing today. 

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