5 Hassle-Free Tips For Heathrow Family Travellers

When you’re heading off on holiday with your family, Britain has plenty of brilliant airports to act as launchpads for legendary trips.

But in terms of choice and connectivity, London Heathrow (LHR) is still the busiest and best for many experienced adventurers. In fact, it’s the second busiest airport in the world and the busiest airport in Europe, so if you like traveling the world you are likely to need to go through this airport fairly frequently.

Since it serves a range of destinations like New York, Dublin, Paris, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Ottawa, it’s become the epicentre for epic holidays.  It’s located about twenty miles west of London, very close to the M4 and is very easy to access. However, travel can be stressful at the best of times, and anxieties are compounded when you’re jetting off with your tribe in tow.

So some advice on keeping them entertained in Britain’s foremost air hub won’t go amiss – here are five hassle-free tips for Heathrow family travellers.

1. Family facilities

Planning prevents many a disaster – so if you want to keep your kids entertained and feeling fresh during that difficult pre-flight period, knowing where the Heathrow family facilities are will help.

There are several Mr Adventure and Stay & Play areas for children and they include slides, soft play areas and different zones for babies and toddlers.

If you’ve got a long road trip before reaching the airport, I’ve got some great advice for you to keep the children safe and happy on the road.

2. Food

If there’s one way to allay teenage or toddler tantrums, it’s making sure that everyone’s tummies are as full as possible – hunger magnifies every minor setback that can occur as you wait to board a flight.

Luckily, there are plenty of tasty treats to choose from at Heathrow – tantalise your taste buds at the likes of Giraffe Stop, Itsu and Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, as well as lots of shops selling snacks and treats.

3. Shopping

A little retail therapy makes the pre-flight period much more pleasant and, as a last resort, providing some extra pocket money to your kids for a treat can often help the family harmony before your holiday.

At Heathrow there’s a boutique for every family member at Heathrow – take your pick from famous brands like APM Monaco, Bulgari, Burberry and Boss.

 4. Apps

When all else fails, making sure that your kids phones and devices are charged and loaded with entertaining games is a great distraction when faced with unexpected delays.

And these days, apps can be educational as well as fun – titles like, Hungry Caterpillar Play School and Starfall ABCs can keep them busy for hours while secretly helping them improve their literacy, numeracy and comprehension skills.

5. Parking

You can get to Heathrow via public transport, but when you’re travelling with a large family group, it can be a trying experience indeed – by the time you get there, you’ll probably be ready to lie in a darkened room rather than revel in a sun-kissed holiday.

Better to book Heathrow parking with and reach there in your own ride – simply stash your car on arrival and stroll straight into departures.

Follow these five hassle-free tips and your Heathrow family holiday will be stress-free, chilled-out and an absolute joy for all! 

That’s our list! Share your own hassle-free Heathrow travel tips in the comments section.

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