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5 great holiday activities to do with the kids

Ah, the holidays… A time of joy, relaxation, and restless kids! Keeping the little ones entertained during the holiday season can sometimes feel like an impossible task. That’s why we’ve put together a list of activities that not only promise to keep the kids busy but also give you that much-needed downtime. 

From creating a scavenger hunt and having a backyard picnic complete with drinks and snacks, to a DIY movie night or getting crafty in the kitchen, these activities ensure a memorable holiday for all. Let’s dive into the fun!

Create a scavenger hunt 

The classic scavenger hunt is a great way to get the kids fired up with a bit of healthy competition. Plus, it can be tailored to any setting, whether you’re enjoying a staycation in your home city, have escaped to a countryside retreat, or simply lounging at home. Here’s how to create one for any setting:

  • List the items: Depending on the age group, write (or draw) items or clues that the kids need to find. For younger children, you can use drawings of easily recogniseable objects. For older kids, you can make it more challenging with riddles or clues leading to the next one.
  • Add challenges: To make the hunt more engaging, include challenges or tasks. For example, ‘Take a selfie with a statue’ or ‘Find a leaf with more than three colours’. This makes the hunt even more interactive.
  • Prizes and rewards: What’s a hunt without a treasure at the end? Have a small prize or reward for the winners. It could be a treat, a toy, or even a reusable water bottle that they can take on their adventures.

Have a backyard picnic

The combination of fresh air, delicious food, and getting outdoors is a winner. And the best part? You don’t need to venture far to find the perfect picnic spot. Here’s how to host a fun backyard picnic:

  • Simple and tasty picnic spread: Begin with the basics. Sandwiches, fresh fruits, and a selection of cheeses and crackers. Add in some homemade lemonade in reusable cups and finish with cookies or brownies. 
  • Comfort is key: Lay out a large blanket or mat to sit on and bring some cushions and pillows out for added comfort. 
  • Games galore: A picnic isn’t just about the food! Classic games like frisbee, badminton, or even a simple ball can provide hours of entertainment.
  • Music sets the mood: Whether it’s upbeat tracks to get everyone dancing or calming melodies for relaxation, music adds a special touch to the atmosphere.
  • Nature activities: Being in the backyard offers a chance to connect with nature. Consider a mini nature scavenger hunt, bird watching, or even gardening as part of your picnic activities.

Create your own DIY movie night

Who says you need to head to the cinema for that movie theatre experience? With a sprinkle of creative DIY spirit, you can recreate the magic in the comfort of your home. Start by designing your own movie tickets with the kids. You can hand-draw them or print them out. Assign seat numbers, include the movie’s name, and don’t forget the showtime. Hand these out to family members, and have someone play the role of the ticket checker at the entrance.

No movie is complete without snacks! Set up a concession stand with all the movie favourites. Popcorn is a must, but you can also include other movie staple foods like lollies, chocolate bars, and drinks. To make it even more special, consider having themed movie nights. For instance, if you’re watching a 2000s  classic (Mean Girls, anyone?), dress up in Y2K  attire, play music from that era, and maybe even include snacks popular during that time. 

At the end of the movie, gather around and discuss your favourite scenes, characters, and plot twists. It’s a great way to continue the night once the movie is over!

Get crafty in the kitchen

Creating delicious food is a sure-fire way to catch the kids’ attention (after all, how many times a day can they ask for snacks?!). Whether it’s mixing ingredients, watching dough rise, or taste-testing what they’ve made, there’s plenty of fun to be had. And what better way to dive into the kitchen than with cookies or muffins! 

Kids can get their hands messy forming dough, shaping cookies, or pouring batter. It’s a great way for them to explore different textures and introduces them to concepts like measurements, fractions, and even a bit of science as they observe how ingredients interact. They can then bring out their creative side and experiment with cookie shapes, muffin toppings, or icing designs.

Whether it’s deciding on the flavour, taking turns to stir, or setting the timer, every step also offers a chance for kids to work together (and put a stop to those sibling fights for 5 minutes!). It’s quality time spent creating something delicious together. And of course, at the end of it all, there’s a tasty treat to enjoy! 

Holiday Fun

From the thrill of a scavenger hunt to the magic of a DIY movie night, from the creativity of baking to the joy of a backyard picnic, there’s plenty of easy ways to keep the kids entertained for the holidays. Each one promises endless fun for the kids but also offers moments of bonding, learning, and making cherished memories. 

Here’s to a holiday filled with unforgettable moments – and hopefully a little downtime for the parents!

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