5 Benefits of Have an Electric Water Pump at Home

Electric water pumps have many benefits to them. Not only do they have a universal fit so that you can attach them to multiple bottle sizes, but they also help reduce wastage and promote drinking more water – the recommended amount is 2-3 litres a day. Electric water pumps are also extremely useful when you are on the move, such as attending festivals, going to sporting events with your children or camping. Whether you are interested in an electric water pump or manual water pump, we have put together five benefits of having either at home.

Enjoy better tasting water

If you drink water from a tap at home, you’ll often find it tastes different each time you drink it. Although tap water is safe to drink, in order to get it to your home it has to go through multiple pipes underground. Many chemicals are added to treat the water to make it safe but by doing so it can make your  water taste strange. By using a water pump at home, you’ll get instant fresh Spring or Mineral water, straight from a bottle filtered to the highest of standards. No more murky water, instead clear, tasty water that you know is good for your body and chemical free. It’s a win-win situation that you can enjoy for years to come.

Reduce wastage

If you are going to the shop to buy plastic water bottles, you’ll most likely be throwing these away after using them. This can cause a build-up of unnecessary waste which isn’t good for the environment. The same goes for drinking tap water. Most people will run the tap until it reaches a certain temperature that they want to drink from. In order to get to the temperature, you are wasting a lot of water which is unnecessary.

To avoid this, electric water pumps are a fantastic way to reduce wastage, keeping your water at a set temperature that you like to drink your water at. All you need to do is place your water bottle underneath it and pour. There is no water wasted and you won’t have countless amounts of plastic bottles that you need to throw away at the end of the week. It’s never been so important to look out for the environment and having an electric water pump at home is one of the best ways for you to do your bit, contributing to helping the planet.

It’s never been so important to look out for the environment and if you haven’t got a water cooler, having an electric water pump at home is one of the best ways for you to do your bit, contributing to helping the planet.

Use on the go

Awater bottle pump can be used on the go and easily attached to a large 10L water bottle, allowing you to control how much water you use. This is ideal if you are going camping, hosting a BBQ, watching a sporting event with your children or going out on a boat and want fresh water. An electric water pump can be charged by USB and hold the charge for a long time, meaning you don’t have to keep thinking about charging it when on the move.

Staying hydrated is so important when you’re on the move, particularly as we head into the summer months. You could give these to your kids when they head to school or to a sports game, or use them yourself  when you go running.

Universal design

Electric water pumps fit into large 18L bottles and provide you with plenty of clean water while reducing the amount of waste produced. That said, an electric water pump is universal, so if you run out of large bottles of water, you can easily attach it to something smaller such as a 10L bottle. This means you are never without an electric water pump at home when you need to buy smaller bottles in an emergency if you’ve forgotten to stock up.

Helps keep your family hydrated

The recommended amount of water an individual should drink is around 2-3 litres depending on your weight and gender. Do you manage to achieve this on a daily basis? If not, you are not alone. Many people struggle to drink the recommended amount for a number of a number of reasons. By using an electric water pump at home, you can help to increase the amount you drink.

Electric water pumps make pouring out freshwater a lot easier and it’s more convenient as well as easy to use. This makes drinking more water a lot less hassle and more enjoyable as the water you are drinking will taste better. Try and use an app on your phone to track how much water you are drinking on a daily basis and set targets so that you gradually increase until you reach the recommended amount.

These are five of many reasons why electric water pumps will benefit you at home. Have you bought one recently? What benefits have you found from using one? Have you benefited from the benefits we have included above? Let us know in the comment box below.

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