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4 Tips to Immerse Your Kids In Nature on Holiday

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The summer holidays are a great opportunity to get your kids outdoors and show them that nature can be just as fun the video games and games that they love to play inside. Getting outdoors is important for the health of your children as it helps them to exercise regularly and get vitamins such as vitamin D that they need to grow strong and healthy.

Find the Right Accommodation

When looking for accommodation, you should try to find the types of accommodation that most immerse you and your family within nature. Camping is a good option for families as this is the closest that you can come to nature, allowing you to experience the outdoors through both the day and the night, get close to wildlife, and allow your children to learn survival skills.

However, if you would still like to combine nature with luxury, holiday cottages are a great option for families as these are situated in beautiful natural locations and have the space to accommodate large families, making a great base to start your activities from. Amberley House Cottage Holidays on the South Downs provide you with a great way to explore this renowned National Park, with easy accessibility to both the best of the natural surroundings as well as towns such as Winchester and Eastbourne, which are located on the edges of the National Park.

Visit National Parks

The UK is packed with exciting and astoundingly beautiful National Parks, which can help to ignite your children’s imagination and fuel their love for the great outdoors. From the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales to the tranquillity of The Lake District, the UK’s National Parks are full of varied landscapes which can capture the hearts of any family. Not only this, but there are great opportunities for family fun in the UK’s National Parks, with activities such as boating and water sports such as kayaking, along with walking and trekking making these National Parks a must-see destination for all.

Go Geocaching

If your kids love to explore, going geocaching with the family is a great way to keep the kids entertained and teach children about their surroundings. Geocaching mobile applications can be downloaded onto your mobile device which you can use on hidden containers located nearby and even worldwide. Other participants can leave little objects and notes in the containers for you to find, such as toys, games, tools, and compasses. This is a great game to play with kids as it engages them in their natural surroundings and can be used to help to broaden their navigation skills through the use of GPS coordinates.

Do Water Sports

Do your kids struggle to see the fun side of nature? Kid-friendly water sports could be the answer, with many exhilarating options to choose from to get the adrenaline pumping. From river activities such as canoeing and kayaking to beach-side activities such as surfing, there is something for every skill level and age. What’s more, you can combine these water sports with relaxation on the beaches and other beautiful locations near where water sports are often situated.

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