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4 Simple Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Now that we are all spending a bit more time at home, this is the perfect opportunity to make it into your own little haven. If you have noticed that some of the rooms in the house have become slightly boring or tired, we have some great tips to spruce up the place without breaking the bank. 


The simplest and most cost-effective hack is to rearrange the room. You will be surprised when you see the room after everything has been moved around – it can make you feel as though you are in a brand-new house. It may also make you realise that you don’t need certain bits and pieces; maybe there’s a piece of furniture that has no purpose in that room anymore since you’ve moved everything around. Before moving everything, perhaps draw a diagram of how you would like the room to look. You have to make sure that whilst moving everything, you bear in mind how the room flows and that any changes you make won’t make it harder to navigate and use parts of the room. For example, make sure you can fully open cupboard doors and you can still walk past the sofa, etc.


By introducing different textures into your home, the room will look well balanced and it will add more interest into the overall look of a room. You can do this in a number of ways, such as adding a rug or blankets/throws, etc. You could even cover your sofa in a throw if you are bored with your current sofa style. Doing this will also make the place feel a lot cosier and more put together.


Pictures make any home feel more comfortable and welcoming. It’s also great for you when you walk into a room and are reminded of all the wonderful memories you have with friends and family. You can choose to display your pictures however you wish – you could even dedicate a whole wall to displaying photos and make it the feature of the room, or you could have them dotted around. You could consider a huge A1 or even A0 size framed print or photo on your wall to, again, bring a strong feature into the room. Sites like will guarantee you a gorgeous high-quality frame for your precious prints, so they are well worth checking out. They offer so many different sizes and colours so that they fit your home perfectly.


As well as natural light, the lighting in the evenings or on those darker days can really affect the look of a room. Using lamps instead of the main light in the room can make everything feel cosy and warm, and softer light will make a nicer, calmer atmosphere in the room. You can find plenty of cheap lamps in second-hand shops. You may even want to introduce some fairy lights into the room too, for that extra sense of cosiness.

Use any of these tips to create the perfect look for your home.

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