3 Unusual Ways Bed Bugs Can Enter Your Family Home And How To Stop Them

If you are a busy mum, you will understand the daily struggles of trying to keep your home clean with children. There are always mucky fingerprints, toys strewn on the floor and crumbs everywhere. It can be hard to keep on top of everything. This is without the nightmare of pests entering the home. Small pests such as lice and bed bugs can easily enter the home and go unnoticed until they are too much to handle

Even if you have the time to handle everything that life throws at you, pests can still get past you. These pests can enter and prosper even in the cleanest of homes. Let’s explore in this article the weird ways that these little creatures can end up in the home. 

Second Hand Clothes Or Furniture

Everyone loves a bargain. Many of us buy second hand items off eBay, Vinted or Facebook Marketplace. However, you may have saved a few pounds but brought back more than you had bargained for. Pests such as bed bugs can lie dormant in old furniture or clothes. A way to prevent an outbreak from occurring is by hot washing any new items that you bring into the home. This will help to remove any unwanted guests before an infestation occurs. 

However, little pests can still slip through the cracks. Even a couple of bed bugs can spread fast and turn into a nightmare that you cannot get rid of. If something like this happens to you, find the experience of professional pest controllers such as Integrum Services. Professional services like these will be able to eradicate bed bugs and other pests right away. 

Infected Guests

Pests can enter the home on anything that comes in from outside, including people and pets. The majority of households have guests coming in and out of the home every week. They can bring in bed bugs on their clothes and baggage. This is really hard to stop and can go unnoticed. A preventative measure can be placing any bags and coats in a cloakroom out of the way. This can help to stop bugs from crawling onto other family belongings and soft furnishings. 

Public Transport

A common way you can pick up bed bugs is by riding on public transport. This is a hotspot for pests. They can quickly move between various people, clothing and baggage that mingles on the carriages all day. They can even lay dormant for 2 to 6 months in fabrics on seats or floors. 

If you are worried about bringing home bugs after riding on public transport, you can take precautionary measures before and after you arrive home. Firstly, if you are only taking short journeys, it may be worth considering whether to sit down. Bugs may be in the fabrics of the seats and they can easily crawl from the seat onto your clothing. Once you have arrived home, consider hot washing all of your clothes, coats and bags. This will wash off and kill any critters that may have clung on to you. 

Don’t Get Paranoid!

Overall, bed bug populations may be rising but this is not something to worry and get paranoid about. They may be able to enter your home in a variety of ways, however, you can take several preventative measures to ensure they are still kept at bay. Make sure you follow these above tips and a bed bug infestation should hopefully not occur in your home. 

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