3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Home Clean and Tidy

When you’re a parent, having time to sit down and relax is pretty rare. There’s always stuff that needs to be done. From running errands to school runs and working, every day is always busy. Keeping on top of all the housework and chores is one of the biggest challenges. 

Everyone wants their home to look neat and tidy. But when you’ve got kids, making this happen can be a challenge. A busy family home can soon get pretty messy. Even going for a day without tidying can make the mess feel overwhelming. The problem with having an untidy house is that it’s tough to get back on top of things. When you’re surrounded by mess and have zero time, summoning motivation to tackle it can seem impossible.

The problem is having a messy home can impact your life in many ways. Studies show that having a cluttered, untidy home can even affect your wellbeing. So, there’s plenty of good reasons to ditch the mess. Finding simple solutions to take the hard work out of having a clean and tidy house is the answer. Here are three easy ways to make it happen:

  1. Make Some Room With Help From Extra Storage

Before you can clean, you need to tackle the mess. Mess is often caused by clutter. Clutter is often caused by a lack of storage. So, storage is the first issue you need to tackle. 

Start by working your way through your rooms and getting rid of anything you no longer need or want. Next, gather together the things you do want to keep. If your loft is fit to burst, you may need some extra storage. Hiring a storage unit is the perfect solution to this. It means that you can keep your stuff while also keeping clutter out of your house. Storage facilities such as Bluebox Storage have a choice of different-sized storage units available. So, you’ll easily find the best one for you.

  1. Try the Little and Often Approach

No one wants to spend all week at work and then spend the entire weekend cleaning. Unfortunately, this is what many parents end up doing. So, how can you keep your house clean and tidy and keep your weekends free? Taking a ‘little and often’ approach really helps with this. Spending just 30 minutes each day on the housework can make a massive difference. Working in focused bursts like this makes it so much easier to get stuff done without cleaning all weekend long.

  1. Make it a Team Effort

Finally, remember that you’re not the one making all the mess. So, it makes sense to make keeping the house tidy a team effort. Showing the kids how to tidy up after themselves properly is a great start. Once they’ve mastered this, you could get them helping more. Giving the kids some age-appropriate chores is the perfect way to do this. It means that you get a clean and tidy house while the kids learn valuable life skills.

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