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100 Welsh Girls names and what they mean

If you’re thinking of giving your new baby girl a classic and traditional Welsh name, or if you’re looking something which sounds unique and special, or if you’re just exploring Welsh girls names for the future, this list is for you.  Wales is an amazing country to live in and I’m proud to have lived here all my life, embracing the Welsh food, culture and language. These 100 Welsh girls names are beautiful and unique. Welsh baby names have the advantage of being traditional and having a lot of culture and heritage behind them but are often quite different and interesting to English baby names. Welsh language is a very soft and lyrical language, and names often roll off the tongue and are very pretty. So here are 100 Welsh girls names to choose from. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments which your favourite is.

100 Welsh girls names and what they mean

These Welsh girls names are listed in alphabetical order. Please tell me what you’re thinking of calling your baby girl in the comments, I’d love to know!

  1. Aberfa (From the mouth of the river)
  2. Adain (Winged)
  3. Adara (Catches birds)
  4. Aderyn (Bird)
  5. Aelwen (Fair)
  6. Aeronwen (Fair)
  7. Alaw (Water lily)
  8. Aneira (Golden)
  9. Angharad (Free from shame)
  10. Annwyl (Beloved)
  11. Arial (Vigorous)
  12. Arianell (Silver)
  13. Arianwen (Fair or blessed)
  14. Arthes (She bear)
  15. Aylwen (Fair browed)
  16. Banon (Queen)
  17. Berth (Beautiful)
  18. Bethan (Welsh form of Elizabeth)
  19. Betrys (Blessed)
  20. Bleddyn (Life a wolf)
  21. Blodwen (White flower)
  22. Braith (Freckled)
  23. Briallen (Primrose)
  24. Bronwen (White)
  25. Cafell (Oracle)
  26. Caitrin (Pure)
  27. Canaid (Song)
  28. Cari (Love)
  29. Carys (The loved one)
  30. Ceri (To love)
  31. Ceridwen (Fair poetry)
  32. Crisiant (Crystal)
  33. Crystin (Welsh version of Christine)
  34. Dafina (Davina)
  35. Daron (Oak)
  36. Del (Pretty)
  37. Delia (Dark)
  38. Delyth (Neat and pretty)
  39. Difyr (Amusing)
  40. Dilys (Genuine)
  41. Drysi (Thorn)
  42. Dwyn (Pleasant)
  43. Efa (Life)
  44. Eiluned (Greatly desired)
  45. Eira (Snow)
  46. Eiriol (Snowdrop)
  47. Elen (Light)
  48. Enfys (Rainbow)
  49. Eres (Wonderful)
  50. Ffanci (Fancy)
  51. Ffion (Foxglove)
  52. Fflur (Flower)
  53. Filomena (Friend)
  54. Gladys (Nation)
  55. Glain (Jewel)
  56. Glenda (Pure good)
  57. Glenna (Riverbank)
  58. Gorawen (Joy)
  59. Gwanwyn (Spring)
  60. Gwawr (Dawn)
  61. Gwen (White or fair)
  62. Gwenda (White or shining or holy)
  63. Gwendolen (White ring)
  64. Gwener (Goddess of love)
  65. Gwyn (White, blessed or fortunate)
  66. Gwylan (Seagull)
  67. Haf (Summer)
  68. Heledd (Goodness)
  69. Heulyn (Ray ofsunshine)
  70. Iola (Value)
  71. Isolde (Fair one)
  72. Jenna (White spirit)
  73. Jenni (White spirit)
  74. Lilli (Lily)
  75. Liliwen (White lily)
  76. Lilybet (God’s promise)
  77. Linette (Idol)
  78. Lynn (Lake)
  79. Mab (Baby)
  80. Mabli (Loveable)
  81. Maelona (Divine Princess)
  82. Nia (Brilliance)
  83. Olwen (White footprint)
  84. Owena (Born to nobility)
  85. Petra (Female form of Peter)
  86. Philomen (Friend)
  87. Rhan (Fate)
  88. Rhawn (Long Hair)
  89. Rhian (Maiden)
  90. Rhiannon (Great Queen)
  91.  Rhodd (Gift)
  92. Rhosyn (Rose)
  93. Saffir (Sapphire)
  94. Sara (Welsh form of Sarah)
  95. Seren (Star)
  96. Sian (God’s gracious gift)
  97. Siwan (As bright as the sun)
  98. Tristana (Clamour)
  99. Vala (Chosen)
  100. Wynne (Fair)

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Which is your favourite out of these Welsh baby girl names? My favourite Welsh baby girl names are Ceridwen which means fair poetry, but can be shortened to Ceri which means love and my favourite of these girls names would be Seren which means star. Would you choose any of these baby girl names for your daughters in the future? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Reply June September 20, 2018 at 6:52 am

    These are all lovely names. My second daughter is called Ceri and my mothers name is Gladys.

  • Reply Lisa October 13, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    These are all beautiful names, I’m feeling very inspired. Of course, I’d need to have a girl first!

  • Reply Amie September 24, 2020 at 12:58 am

    I definitely want a name for my daughter with a Welsh influence. I’m thinking Gwendolyn but worried it might be too old fashioned.

    • Reply Christy - WelshMum September 25, 2020 at 8:58 am

      I personally love traditional names and I think that older names do come back around in popularity – but it’s all about the connection you feel with your daughter and the name, so I wouldn’t worry if it’s too old fashioned or not. Gwen is a lovely shortened name as well.

  • Reply Lydia January 10, 2022 at 1:18 am

    Thank you. I’m calling my daughter Arwen.

  • Reply Arianwen September 6, 2022 at 9:34 pm

    A lot of these transactions are false. Take my name for example, it means “white silver” not “fair/blessed”…

  • Leave a Reply