10 Steps To Create A Memorable Online Brand

If you run an online business you’ll need to think carefully about your branding. Your brand identity helps to set you apart from similar companies. In a competitive landscape, it’s important to differentiate yourself.

Creating a strong brand is all about being memorable. You ‘ll need to help your audience to engage with your story. To develop a unique brand in 2022, pay close attention to these ten tips.

1 . Research your audience

If you’re keen to create a memorable brand you’ll need to do plenty of target audience research. With a thorough understanding of your audience, you’ll be able to build a relatable brand. You’ll need to find out exactly who your audience are, what’s important to them, and what social media platforms they use. 

Create detailed buyer personas, and use these to inform your branding. There are lots of different options to gather research, from surveys to in-person marketing groups. Offering incentives is a great way to encourage customer feedback.

2. Define your value proposition

To create a memorable brand, first, you need to define your value proposition. Your value proposition sums up the reason that a consumer should choose your service or product. Your value proposition should tell your customers the key benefit of choosing you over a competitor. When you define your value proposition you should address your customer’s challenges, presenting your product as the solution.

3. Research your competitors

When you’re building your brand you’ll need to do plenty of competitor research. Find out everything you can about your competitor’s products and services, and how they market themselves. Researching your competitors helps you to understand what you’re up against, using this info you can ensure that your products stand out. To get going with your competitor research, consider using the following questions:

  • What are your competitors’ strengths?
  • What are their weaknesses?
  • What’s unique about your competitors?
  • Why should your customers choose you instead?

4. Logo & graphics

Building your brand relies on plenty of different tasks, it’s about the practical elements like your logo and the unseen characteristics such as your brand persona. Using a web design agency will bring your whole brand together. When you’re designing your logo and graphics you’ll need to think carefully about the image that you’re looking to create. Perhaps you’re looking to create a professional and minimalist logo? Maybe instead you’d like to create a logo that’s bold and quirky? The most important thing is that your branding is consistent across all channels. Without a consistent brand, your audience will fail to recognise you.

5. Your brand story 

Every memorable brand needs a story, your story should tell your customers how you came to exist, and what challenges you’ve faced in the past. When you’re crafting a brand story, remember that your customers should be at the very center of it. Storytelling is about connecting with your audience on an emotional level, it’s about representing your brand as authentic and human. To craft a compelling brand story, you should keep the following elements in mind:

  • Focus on your mission.
  • Build a story around the values of your audience.
  • Find an engaging way to share your story.
  • Focus on authenticity, (your story should be relatable).

6. Brand personality

Shaping your brand is about figuring out your brand personality. If your brand were a person, what type of person would it be? Perhaps your brand would be a creative person? Or someone who cares about the environment? When you craft a brand personality you’ll be able to perfect your tone of voice, your content, and your products.

7. Unboxing experience

Many online brands don’t have a physical store, for this reason, the unboxing experience is incredibly important. What exactly is the unboxing experience? It refers to the moment when the consumer receives their product in the post and opens it up. The unboxing experience gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your branding. You might use branded packaging or custom swing tag printing? Some companies like to include small surprise gifts in the box, or a personalized note? Overall the unboxing experience should make the customer feel special, as though they are unboxing a gift.

8. Amazing content 

The key to creating a memorable online brand is to create amazing content. Your content needs to be educational, fun, and enticing. From your blog posts to social media, everything should be well planned, with the customer in mind. To help you create amazing content, here are a few ideas to get started.

  • Include plenty of video content in your strategy.
  • Partner with influencers to widen your reach.
  • Post-user-generated content, representing yourself as an authentic brand.
  • Think outside the box, aim to publish creative content.
  • Ensure that your content is consistent across all channels.
  • Use storytelling techniques to improve the success of your marketing campaigns.

9. Extra value 

If you want your audience to remember you, you need to offer them as much value as possible. Strive to give them something a little extra, this might be a podcast or live events? There are plenty of similar companies out there, and so it can sometimes be hard to stand out. When you offer your customers something different, you’ll make a name for yourself and grow your audience.

10. Utilize feedback

Collecting and using feedback is a great way to boost your brand power. Your customers can tell you what you’re doing right and give you ideas about how to improve. There are so many benefits of collecting customer feedback, including:

  • You can use the feedback to improve your products & services.
  • Help your customers to feel part of a community.
  • Collect useful knowledge about your target audience.
  • A great way to make improvements to your website.

Using these ten ideas you’ll soon create a brand that you can be proud of. Remember, creating a unique brand is the best way to stand out in the crowd, and drive profits. Running an online business is challenging, but improving your brand will help you to get results.

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